4 Quick Tips on Maximizing Your Entry Way Storage

Your entryway, or mudroom, sees a ton of traffic. Throughout the day this area features a steady flow of people coming and going. All the traffic can lead to a disorganized mess if you’re not stressing organization, convenience, and tidiness in this all-important area of your home.

If you want to make the most out of your entryway, you’ll need to maximize its storage capabilities. Regardless of size or dimensions of the area you’re working with, by following these four tips you’ll be able to create a multi-functional storage solution that allows you to get the most out of your entryway.

1. Hang Some Hooks

No matter what season it is, you’re going to want to be able to hang some things in your entryway. Store a light jacket and umbrella in the spring, a beach bag in the summer, and a heavier selection of jackets in the fall. Hooks can also provide you with a nice and convenient spot to hang sporting equipment, backpacks, purses, and ball caps.

There’s a variety of ways to go about hanging your hooks. You can install them in a row, in a diamond shape, or on either side of your main storage cabinet or table. The key element of your hooks should be easy access.

2. Wire Shelf Storage Unit

There’s no easier and more efficient way to maximize the storage capacity of an area, room, closet, or garage, than by installing some quality wire shelving. You’re going to want to store a variety of things in your entryway that can be easily accessed throughout the year. Gardening supplies, sports equipment, yard games and toys, winter gloves, scarves, and hats. The list goes on and on. To do so, you’re either going to need some shelving, a layered and easily organized cubby, or a storage chest of some kind. We think wire shelving is the easiest, most affordable, and best overall option.

Wire shelving is sturdy, versatile, customizable, and is lightweight, which makes it easy to relocate it down the road. One great way to combine cubbies and wire shelving is to create cubbies using wire shelving as the horizontal axis. Then, using a lightweight wood or wire compartment insert, build individual spaces by framing the pieces vertically with the wire shelving. With this system, each member of the family can have their own personal space.

3. Mail & Keys Baskets

When entering your entryway, often times you’ll be doing so with full hands. Having a table or basket in your entryway to drop your keys and sort your mail is a great way to prevent the space becoming a cluttered mess. Some people install smaller hooks to hang their keys, and keep a small table available for dropping the mail while they take off their jacket and shoes.

The key for this is to make sure the basket or organizer you select makes it easy for you to keep your mail organized. If you’re simply dumping it into a big basket, and returning when it’s time to pay bills to sift through a stack of papers for an electric bill, you’re being counterproductive.

4. Shoe Rack & Mats

With all the foot traffic taking place at your entryway, you’re going to want to have a solution for footwear. Especially in Minnesota, where the weather causes us to track snow, mud, leaves, and dirt into the house. First things first, get a nice durable rug or mat to place at the entrance. Size is your friend here, especially with families. You want there to be room to take off your dirty shoes and boots, without tracking dirt onto your homes carpet or flooring. Sometimes keeping a small stool or bench in your entryway makes for an easy spot to sit and take off shoes.

Next, find a solution for storing the shoes. This solution will likely depend on whether or not your entryway has a closet or not. If you do have a closet, place a shoe rack at the bottom of the closet that can easily store a number of shoes. No closet? No worries. There’s shoe racks that can line a side wall, or, install another wire shelf lower upon the wall. If you choose the wire shelf, consider placing a mat or rug beneath the shelf. Wet or muddy footwear will drip down through the shelving, so you’ll want to have something below to catch the grime.

Storage Solutions From Harkaft

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