Your Guide to a Minnesota Mudroom

There are a few boxes every homeowner and prospective home buyer hopes to tick. Many people are looking for updated bathrooms and kitchens. People are always happy to have thoughtfully organized storage spaces. In today’s modern family home, however, one wish rises to the top of the must-have list: a mudroom that works

Minnesota Mudrooms Work Hard

Minnesotans need a lot from their mudrooms. We go through a rollercoaster of seasonal swings, and most require a total outerwear changeover. A Minnesota mudroom in July is doing a much different job than that same space in January. A resident in a place like Minnesota can easily experience weather whiplash. Still, a well-organized mudroom can at least help keep the slush out of the rest of the house and help corral three pairs of mittens for every family member.

Envision Your Minnesota Mudroom

Once you’ve got the mudroom you want, you will thank yourself every time you walk through the door tracking in wet leaves and rock salt and have a place to set down your laptop while you take off your shoes. Every homeowner has a specific set of problems that they hope a mudroom can solve. You wish to find a place for every family member to store boots and coats in the winter, or you might hope to avoid the seasonal clothing swap altogether and instead create enough space to keep sandals stored alongside snow boots all year long. 

Consider everything that could use a place in your perfect mudroom. Do the kids drag hockey bags the size of a fifth-grader through the door every day? Is someone always leaving a basketball in the middle of the rug? Think about what a “drop zone” would look like in your ideal mudroom? Gather all your best ideas and be honest about the issues you hope to address. Minnesota presents unique challenges to a home’s entryway to be sure, and each family will use the space differently.

Customize Your Mudroom

It’s all well and good to envision the mudroom of your clean and organized dreams, of course, but how are you going to make it happen? You might be looking at your entryway right now, wondering where the custom cabinets you want will fit. 

The beauty of creating a custom mudroom that caters to your home is that you won’t be stuck with anything you don’t need and won’t use. You can bring your priorities to the forefront. The closet you currently jam coats, baskets of hats, the dog’s leash, and tennis rackets into could become an attractive and efficient place where everything fits. 

Don’t forget to think about the floor. Slush and road salt is going to melt off your shoes for many messy months of the year in Minnesota, and fallen leaves will stick to your shoes before that. Think about a floor covering that can withstand some abuse. A beautiful indoor-outdoor rug might be a worthy investment because you know it can take what Minnesota will throw at it.

Choosing Materials

The solution you seek might be to remove an inefficient closet and build customized wooden laminate cabinets into that space. Or your current storage might need a simple upgrade of easy-to-install wire shelving that can grow and change with your family. 

Laminate Storage

A designer will be able to help you choose which custom storage solution is ideal. Laminate cabinets are easy to install, effortless clean in a climate that involves a lot of dirt, and customizable to the specific space you have to work with. Wooden laminate can accommodate all the bells and whistles you desire. Some things to consider include pull out bins for daily use items like mittens, hooks that kids can reach to stash coats and jackets, bins for sports equipment, a bench to make taking off shoes and boots a breeze, and so much more.

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving can be configured to make any storage space work more efficiently. Wire shelves are light but strong and will allow air to move through your stored items, helping coats and hats to dry when not in use. Many goals can be accomplished with a customized wire-shelving solution: hanging bars, shelves, hooks, and pull out bins – whatever you think would make your life easier!

Partner With the Minnesota Mudroom Experts

A professional designer really can see space differently than most people can do. Where you see a hopelessly inadequate closet, a designer can probably envision a solution to your woes. It’s often said that professionals can make space appear from thin air because they know how to use every inch. Harkraft has years of experience creating customized mudrooms for Minnesotan homeowners and families. Contact us today to see how we can help you get started on your mudroom.ude shelving or display space for your kicks. If you fold most of your clothes, then maximize the horizontal space, whether you chose wire shelving to allow for airflow around your clothes or laminate cabinetry for a more substantial look. Once you’ve spoken to a professional or drawn plans for the closet you’ve always wanted, consider finishing touches such as decor, seating, and, most importantly, lighting.