Organizing Your Kitchen with Wire Pantry Shelving

If your kitchen pantry reminds you of a junk drawer, it’s time to reorganize. Organizing your pantry with wire pantry shelving will help you feel much more organized when it comes to cooking and preparing meals in your kitchen.

Wire pantry shelving

Why Wire Pantry Shelving?

Wire shelves are one of the best ways to organize your pantry. One reason is because they’re so versatile and easy to install. They come in all shapes and sizes, including spice racks, pull-out drawers, shelving, and tiered racks. They’re easy to keep clean, too. Just wipe them down with a rag for quick cleanup.

Another huge benefit of wire pantry shelving is that the shelves are adjustable. If you have tall cereal boxes on one shelf and canned goods on another shelf, you can adjust the shelves to the height you need, which lets you fit as much food as possible without wasting any space.

Wire Shelving Storage Tips

Use different sizes of wire pantry shelving for different types of items. Wire door racks can hold spices, pasta jars, small boxes, and other small items that can easily get lost or pushed to the back of your pantry. Tiered wire racks are another great way to store spices or small items so that you can easily see what’s in your pantry without moving items around.

To keep seasoning packets and drink mixes from slipping between the wire shelving, use a small basket to organize these types of items.

DIY Pull-Outs for Wire Shelving

If you can’t afford pull-out drawers, you can “make your own” by using large plastic containers to group items together. By grouping boxes of pasta in their own container, all you need to do is slide the container out partway and see what you have on hand—which is much easier than moving all of your pasta boxes out of the way to see what’s behind them.

Organizing for Meals

If you’re ultra-organized, you can even use containers to group items together for meal planning. For example, if you make pancakes every Sunday morning, you can store the baking powder, flour, salt, sugar, and vanilla extract in one container. When it’s time to mix up the pancakes, just pull out the container and you have all the ingredients you need right there!

Pantry Design Minneapolis

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