Wine Cellar Storage: Should you store your wine in a wine cellar?

wine-cellarIs your refrigerator or wine rack running out of room for your growing wine collection? So where should you store your wine? Consider adding a wine cellar in your home to preserve and store your collection. A wine cellar is an excellent place to properly store your wine collection. There are some important factors to keep in mind before you build a wine cellar in your home.

Wine cellars must stay at a constant temperature of about 55 degrees and should have a humidity level of about 60%-70%. If the area has a lower humidity level, it can dry out the cork and if it has a higher humidity level it can ruin the label. The way you store the bottle is also key.

You must remember to store your wines horizontally, in a dark place and free of vibrations. Excess vibrations can ruin the biochemical makeup of wine and light can alter the taste. You can build a wine cellar in your home on a budget. You can save money on the type of rack you have. But, the most important factor is temperature.

Custom wine cellars are ideal for the basement or a lower level of the home because temperatures tend to fluctuate less in these areas. However, they can be built anywhere. Garage wine storage systems are becoming quite popular over the past few years. It is a great unused space in your home that can be easy to access.

Wine Cabinets and Racks

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