7 Steps to Building Your Dream Wine Cellar

Thinking about building your dream wine cellar? Wine cellars are becoming more popular in new homes as well as home owners who want to remodel in order to showcase their wine collection. Here are 7 steps to making your dream wine cellar come true.

Wine cellar

1. Choose the location.

The first step in building a wine cellar is to figure out where you want to put it. The design of your wine cellar will depend on the location you choose. Most homeowners choose the basement or lower level, since the temperature is naturally colder there, but you can choose almost anywhere in the house as long as you install a wine cooling unit to control the humidity and temperature. Avoid direct sunlight, since exposure to sun can compromise the quality of your wine as it ages.

2. Design your wine cellar.

Next, choose a wine cellar design that fits the space you have available. Make sure the wine cellar will be large enough to hold the number of bottles you own, as well as the amount of wine you plan to buy in the future.

You can design your own wine cellar or have a custom wine cellar professionally designed to fit your style and needs.

3. Install a wine cooler.

Wine needs to be stored within a narrow temperature range in order to preserve the integrity and taste. The temperature should be around 55 degrees, give or take a few degrees, and the humidity level should hover around 57 percent. Wine cooling units can remove excess humidity, although they can’t add humidity to a dry room. If the room is too dry, you’ll need to add a humidifier or an indoor wall fountain.

4. Set the mood with lighting.

Lighting can dramatically affect the display of your wine bottles. Use lights that don’t emit heat, such as LED lights. Strip lights, track lights, and puck lights all make elegant choices for lighting inside your wine cellar.

Wine cabinets and racks

5. Seal the doorway.

To avoid wasting energy, make sure the door of your wine cellar is sealed if you have a wine cooler installed. A sealed door protects your wine from fluctuating temperature and humidity levels.

6. Add humidity with an indoor wall fountain.

If your wine cellar is not humid enough, you can add humidity and greatly enhance the beauty of your wine cellar by installing an indoor wall fountain. Your guests will love it, and so will your wine!

7. Use wine cabinets and racks for an eye-catching display.

Choose a variety of different wine cabinets and racks to add dimension and aesthetic appeal to your wine cellar. A professional wine cellar designer can help you showcase your wine with an impressive but practical wine cellar design. You’ll want to make sure there are wine cabinets and racks available for different size bottles as well.

Wine Cellar Design Minneapolis

Harkraft offers wine cellar design and installation in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area. Our wine cabinets and racks come with a limited lifetime warranty. We know you’ll love your new wine cellar! Give us a call for a free design consultation at (763) 544-4478 or contact us online. Start building your dream wine cellar today!