Wine Cabinets and Racks for Home Storage

Home wine storage can be risky but worth the reward. It can be difficult to consider all the factors to make sure that your wine ages properly, but the taste of a finely aged wine makes it worth the effort. That being said, wine cabinets and racks go a long way to improve the conditions under which your wine ages. Wine cabinets and racks store the wine at the right angle and keep bottles organized for when you need to find a certain vintage.


Temperature is of utmost importance when storing your wine, especially if you store bottles for several years or longer. Keep your wine in a controlled environment between 55 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit. This will allow for chemical reactions to occur that will improve the taste of your wine. If you can’t regulate the environment, try to find the coolest closet and measure temperatures. Wine cabinets and racks help regulate the temperature by allowing proper storage without an excess of surface contact.


Light presents UV exposure and heat, two elements which are a danger to the health of your wine. If you are storing your wine in the fridge, make sure you do not store near the light, even if that is most easily accessible. Excess sunlight or excess heat from artificial lighting can break down the delicate wine components. Instead, use decorative track lighting that don’t emit as much heat, such as LED lights.


Wine needs to be stored horizontally in order to keep the cork moist and reduce the levels of oxidation. In keeping the cork saturated, the flow of air is prevented from entering the bottle. Wine cabinets and racks are suited just for this purpose. They allow the wine to sit horizontally and provide proper support.


If you are a wine connoisseur, you most likely have more than your fill of wines. You need to organize your wine cabinets and racks so that you can allow each wine to age for the proper amount of time. Some use a simple checklist, and other have complex electronic systems. Whichever works best for you is usually a good place to start.


Wine Cabinets and Racks

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