When Better Home Storage Stops Being a Want and Becomes a Need

Transforming your home into a storage haven isn’t always a top priority. However, as time goes on and families expand, the need for storage solutions becomes non-negotiable. 

Are you tired of tripping over kids’ toys every morning or seeing clutter scattered around your home? You need some helpful storage organization ideas! Check out our tips for homeowners that need to create more efficient storage spaces.

#1 Multifunctional Furniture

Many couches come with a chaise that lifts to reveal roomy storage space. Some bedframes have extra cabinets and shelves built-in for storage, and there are plenty of storage-friendly entertainment systems out there too.

Getting yourself some multifunctional furniture is the perfect way to store items out of the way while keeping them within easy reach. You don’t even have to buy all new furniture for this tip to work. 

Building a few custom cabinets into a bedframe or entertainment system isn’t complicated. All you need are the right tools and a great DIY video. When in doubt, contact a professional to help!

#2 Look for Vertical Solutions 

Plenty of homes fall victim to what designers and storage experts refer to as “dead space”. This is the space on the top half of your walls, above the refrigerator and top kitchen cabinets, the top half of your closets, etc. 

These spaces provide ample storage space if you know how to use them. Add in some custom cabinets or shelves in the top half of your closets for storing out-of-season clothing, toys, and other items.

The dead space in your living room or dining room is the perfect place to install some wire shelving. Wire shelving units match any decor, can hold plenty of weight and are super easy to keep clean! It’s the perfect spot for storing extra knickknacks, toys, decorations, and more.

#3 Donate During the Holidays 

Families tend to collect and hold on to an enormous amount of old clothes, toys, and gifts that are eventually relegated to the bottom of a closet or shoved in the basement or attic. Instead of allowing things that your kids have outgrown or your family doesn’t use anymore to take up valuable space, this is a great opportunity to teach the value of giving.

Charities host special donation runs around every major holiday, and they accept donations year-round. Making the commitment to go through your family’s belongings around every holiday will allow you to free up more space in your home while teaching your children the amazing gift of giving.

#4 Storage Bins and Label Makers Are Your Friends

No matter how organized you try to stay and how frequently you sort through your belongings, there are always going to be items you want to hold on to. Some things may be sentimental or only useful during certain parts of the year (like seasonal clothes or holiday decorations), so keeping them stored and organized is essential. 

An excellent storage organization tip is to buy a handful of clear plastic storage bins and a label maker. Categorize your bins with labels for Christmas decorations, Thanksgiving decorations, winter clothes, summer toys, etc., and fill up the bins with whatever you’re not using at the moment.

Stack those bins in your attic, basement, or in your closet. Make sure to stack them vertically as much as possible to use up that dead space. Then, you can rotate what’s in the bins as seasons or life demands, and your label maker will make it simple to keep track of what’s where.

Maximize Your Storage Solutions With Harkraft

Many families want to enhance their home’s storage organization but lack the tools or knowledge to build and install custom cabinets or wire shelving. That’s where we come in to help. Harkraft will build and install these units for you so you can enjoy your home’s enhanced storage! Contact us today to get started.