How Updating Your Shower Can Add Equity in Your Home

The shower is often the cornerstone of any bathroom. Unfortunately, the shower can be easily overlooked, especially if it’s hidden behind a curtain. You want your shower to be both stylish and practical. Not only is a great shower comfortable to use, but the right type of shower can actually increase the equality of your home.

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Find and Fix Any Existing Structural Problems

The first aspect of updating your shower is to identify any existing issues. Basically, you want to make sure everything works correctly. Does the showerhead leak? Does water drain properly? Are there any cracks or damage to the foundation or structure? Focus on repairs before refurbishment. Carefully assess the status of the plumbing, structural and electrical systems for both your shower and the entire bathroom.

Install a Wall Niche

Alcoves are a great way to put your walls to work. A wall niche can be installed practically anywhere. Just make sure no studs are in the way.

Niche depth is limited by the framing of the wall, so in most cases you’ll have a shelf width of no more than three and a half inches. But that’s plenty of space for shampoo bottles, soap bars and other toiletries.

Ensure the alcove is well-sealed against moisture. Obviously, anything near the shower is going to be exposed to moisture and possibly direct water. Moisture protection helps prevent mold growth, wood rot and other potential hazards.  

Update the Tile

Tile has more options today than ever before. Aside from traditional tile, you can also find tile made from wood, stone and metal. The style, color and texture options are really only limited by your imagination.

When remodeling with an eye on increasing equity, you’ll want to keep your styles fairly basic. Avoid bold colors and extravagant designs. Anything too trendy runs the risk of becoming dated, which can hurt the resale value of the entire house. Keep designs relatively simple and use only neutral colors.

Utilize Natural Light

The bathroom is a private area. Naturally, you want to be aware of any visibility through windows. But this doesn’t mean your bathroom can’t be filled with natural light. Frosted windows allow sunlight while also protecting your privacy.

If your bathroom is on the top floor, you might want to install a skylight. This offers a great natural light source. The top-down lighting is especially effective when above a shower. Many bathrooms benefit from a skylight which can be opened. Fresh air helps cut down on mold growth and other issues caused by excessive humidity.  

If natural light isn’t enough to brighten your bathroom, you’ll want to upgrade the light fixtures near your shower. Recessed lighting with waterproof covers allows your light fixtures to stay safe even in humid and wet conditions.

Have Fun (and Add Value) with Accessories

Small details can add big value to any shower. Consider adding gadgets and accessories. Some options to enhance the showering experience include fog-free mirrors, heated floors and more. You can even add an in-shower TV!  

Tall showers and those in enclosed spaces benefit from steam generators. An in-home sauna isn’t just relaxing; it also adds tremendous value to your house.  

Keep accessibility in mind. Consider installing grip bars, a shower seat, no-slip flooring and other accessories which might be helpful to anyone with mobility issues. A custom bathroom shower with accessibility features helps widen the pool of potential buyers should you ever decide to sell your house.

Upgrade Your Shower Head

The shower nozzle deserves special attention. Showerheads are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to drastically improve the showering experience. Some options include massagers, wide sprays and even anti-scald technology.

Is anyone in your household really tall? An arm extender lets your raise the showerhead to a more comfortable level.

Upgrading your shower head helps lower your water bill, too. Federal regulations require showerheads to have a flow rate which does not exceed 2.5 gallons per minute. You likely won’t notice a difference in the quality of your showers, but this water limit will definitely reduce your water usage. Plus, anything which reduces energy usage is going to increase your home’s value.       

When shopping for a new showerhead, pay attention to the type of mixing value currently installed. If you have separate hot and cold controls, installing a single mixing value will require substantial changes to your plumbing and wall. Generally, you’ll want the mixer value to match the type of shower you already have.  

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Hand-held showerheads are also very popular. A hand-held showerhead is attached to a hose between four and six feet in length. A detachable showerhead lets you easily clean your entire body. Handheld showerheads can be used by just about everybody but they’re especially useful for the elderly, children and the disabled.

Many handheld showerheads have cushioned or textured handles. This lets you keep a comfortable and secure grip on the device even in wet and soapy conditions.

Everyone has different preferences. When selecting a handheld showerhead, you’ll want to try before you buy. This doesn’t mean you need to actually take a shower. Simply hold the showerhead. Get a feel for its weight and flexibility. Also, check how securely it fits into the holder.  

Say Goodbye to Shower Curtains

Shower curtains aren’t very popular in a custom bathroom shower. Instead, people prefer Curbless and Barrier-Free showers. Unfortunately, those features often require extensive construction. An easy way to achieve a similar look is with a step-up shower. The step-up doesn’t require any massive structural remodeling. You’ll still have enough height to install a standard shower pan. Step-up showers are a great way to update the look of an older bathroom.

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Glass block walls are another option. Instead of a light-blocking curtain, glass blocks allow light to pass through with ease. Most blocks are about three to four inches thick. They can be clear or made of frosted glass.

Updating Your Master Bathroom Shower

Updating the master bathroom shower is a great way to improve the equity in your house. Just a few simple changes to the shower can increase the value of the entire bathroom and, in turn, the overall value of your house.