Tips to Declutter your Closet

Everyone is guilty of having a messy closet. We tend to hold on to items for a long period of time and in the chaos of life we may not be as organized as we would like to be. Here are some tips to declutter your closet for the new year.

1.) Take everything out of the closet. Clean everything out of the closet so you can physically see all of your clothing items. Only put back the items you want to keep. This is a great way to visualize everything in your closet.

2.) Set a box or garbage back aside for donation items. If you have not worn an item in a year or if it doesn’t fit donate it to a local Minneapolis area charitable organization or donation site.

3.) If you have not worn an item in over a year or if it doesn’t if fit quite right donate it. Holding on to that pair of skinny jeans may seem like an incentive to lose weight, but in many cases it just takes up space in your closet.

4.) Group similar items together. You should put all of your pants, sweaters, jackets and shirts together. This way you are not wasting time trying to locate an item. Once the items are grouped together consider organizing clothing according to color.

5.) Put each item you want to keep back in your closet but place the hanger backwards. After you wear an item and replace it in your closet hang it the right way. In 6 months, go back into your closet and see which items are still backwards. This means you have not worn the item in a long period of ttime and you should consider donating it.

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