The 5 Best Bedroom Updates You Can Make Without Remodeling

Has your bedroom suddenly begun to feel boring or outdated? Are you running out of places to store your clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc? Maybe you want to give your room a fresh feel and update, but don’t want to go through all the hassle of remodeling.

Thankfully, there’s a way to avoid a full remodel! We’ve got the best tips and tricks to help you revamp your space with brilliant storage solutions that will help your room feel new again. Prepare to get inspired with these 5 bedroom updates you can make without remodeling.

Ditch the Bulky Dresser

Most people have at least one dresser in their bedroom. Dressers are great for storage, but not much else. They’re bulky, hard to move, and take up a ton of room. What if you could replace that dresser with something equally functional, but far more visually appealing?

That’s where a vanity comes in! Replacing your dresser with a vanity will create a new feel for your entire room. Vanities usually look more stylish than dressers, and they always have a mirror attached. 

Mirrors aren’t just great for seeing yourself get ready in the mornings. They actually help your space feel bigger, almost like an optical illusion. It will provide just as much storage as a dresser while helping your space feel more open. 

If you’re really attached to your dresser, then you can get a custom mirror built and mounted to help spruce up your space!

Hide Your Drawers

Adding more drawers to your bedroom may not seem like a fun way to create more storage, but it can be. You don’t have to squeeze a storage unit next to your bed or vanity just to step back and be disappointed with how cluttered your room feels now.

A great alternative is to look into storage drawers that go underneath your bed. They’re perfect for items that you need easy access to, but want to keep away from prying eyes. You could also consider adding some wire shelves or custom-built drawers in your bedroom closet.

You can have them built to any size and shape needed to work with your space, and it’s the perfect spot for storing essentials and non-essentials alike.

Headboard Storage

Installing some over-the-bed headboard storage is a great way to get the most out of your space. You can get it in practically any color you need to fit with the rest of your room, and it’s the perfect spot for storing things you need to grab first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Most of these headboard storage units have a couple of shelves and a few cubby holes, so you might be surprised by just how much you can fit there. It’s the perfect spot for storing your keys, phone, table, charging cables, vitamins, water bottle, and whatever else you might need at a moment’s notice.

The best part about headboard storage? You’ll never have to get out of bed to check your phone again!

Vertical Shoe Storage

Most people have heard of the shoe storage bags that hang over the back of your closet door and have little pockets for you to store your shoes in. While this is an innovative idea and helpful for keeping your shoes off the floor, it can look a little cluttered.

If you really want to update your bedroom’s storage with a fresh, new feel, then you should look into vertical shoe storage solutions. There are units that basically look like mini bookshelves, but are designed to perfectly fit your footwear.

These shoe towers fit can fit perfectly in the corner of your bedroom or closet. They’ll work well to get your shoes up off the floor (or off your doors!) and keep them well organized. 

You may even want to get two of these shoe towers. One can be placed in your bedroom for everyday wear, and the other can sit in the corner of your closet for seasonal and special occasion shoes.

Maintain a Theme

One of the best parts about updating your bedroom is choosing a new theme and color scheme! All the bedroom organization ideas we’ve mentioned can be customized or bought in any color of your choosing.

Custom wood draws and shelves can easily be made to match the theme of your room. Vanities, headboard storage units, and vertical shoe towers come in a multitude of colors. If you can’t find the color you need to match your room, you can always re-finish or paint them to help them fit in.

Update Your Bedroom With Harkraft

The sky’s the limit when remaking your bedroom. There are endless tips and tricks to help you revamp your bedroom’s storage and keep the space organized. We want to help make your bedroom a well-designed storage haven! Contact us today to get your dream bedroom started.