Storage and Shelving Ideas that Put “Master” Back Into the Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be the embodiment of comfort and functionality. Sometimes, bedrooms get cluttered with daily items or aren’t optimized for efficient storage. 

Thankfully, we have plenty of tips to help you put “master” back into the master bedroom. Check out our ideas and make sure you have a notebook handy to write your must-haves.

Enhance Your Closet

The dreaded storage closet… Do you ever worry for a moment that a mountain of random clothes is going to fall out every time you open the door? That’s no way to live! Here are some ways you can enhance your closet’s storage.

Use Hanging Organizers/Shelves

Hanging organizers are the perfect way to make your closet’s clothing rail hold more items. These nifty storage solutions have multiple cubbies where you can store extra clothing, random knickknacks, and whatever else is currently sitting on your closet floor.

Once you have those in place, work on installing some hanging shelves. You can put these right up against the corners of your closet, and they’ll provide you with some extra storage where there was previously just dead space.

Add a Lighted Mirror On the Door

Having a mirror in your bedroom is a great way to check your outfit before a zoom meeting or a night out. However, hanging one on a random wall can disturb the aesthetic of your room or frighten you when you wake up in the middle of the night.

An excellent option is to install a custom mirror on the inside of your closet door. Add a ring light around the mirror so you always have the perfect lighting. While you’re at it, buy another ring light to install on the ceiling of your closet! You’ll never spend ages searching through your closet with your phone’s flashlight again.

Turn Your Bed Into a Storage Haven

Your bed should be the perfect sleeping space, but it can also become a storage haven. The headboard, bedframe, and space underneath your bed can all be updated to improve the storage in your bedroom while enhancing its aesthetics. 

Use Floating Shelves

Put up a couple of floating shelves on either side of your bed. It’s the perfect place for storing your books, electronics, extra chargers, etc., and it’ll help make your bed feel like the centerpiece of that space.

Add Shelves to Your Headboard

Getting some custom shelves built into your headboard will provide you with plenty of additional storage space while elevating the overall height of your bed frame. Once you have the shelves in place, wrap some lights around them for extra ambiance and a cozy late-night reading atmosphere.

Store Essentials Under Your Bed

Adding drawers under the bed has been a popular trend for years, and this trend isn’t going to lose steam anytime soon. It’s a great way to store essential items and self-care products that you don’t want others to see but want to keep within easy reach.

When in Doubt, Add Shelves

Shelving units give you a place to display knickknacks and items with sentimental value, as well as provide you with plenty of storage. Floating shelves and hanging shelves aren’t the only options for your bedroom!

Wire Shelving

Use wire shelving to give your bedroom a sleek, modern feel. You can install them on any wall where there’s some dead space and fill them up with all your favorite things. It’s also a great place for displaying pictures, placing incense burners, and adding fairy lights for a little burst of festivity.

Update Your Master Bedroom With Harkraft

Whether you’re looking for better closet storage solutions or just want to give your master bedroom a general update, Harkraft can help. We’ll work with you to find the perfect storage solutions and install them to perfection. Contact us today to get started!