Staying Organized For the Holiday Season

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Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up soon, which can lead to more stress then usual. With all of the family, food and shopping, it’s easy to get overwhelmed during this time of the year. However, with some careful planning and crafty thinking, you can navigate through this years holiday season with ease.

Follow these steps to stay sane during the holiday season.

1. Organize the Kitchen – Since Thanksgiving and Christmas are holidays where you will spend most of your time in the kitchen, it’s important to get organized. Make sure you know where all of your tools are for cooking and baking. Stock up on essentials so that you don’t need to make an unnecessary trip to the grocery store in the middle of baking a pie or basting a turkey. Also, get your recipes in order so that you know which ingredients you need to get at the grocery store when it comes time to shop for holiday groceries.

2. Use a Planner – This is where organization is key. Use a planner to figure out your holiday schedule. Schedule one day for shopping, another day for baking, and so on.

3. Make Lists – Now that you’ve gotten all of your recipes and your schedule organized, it’s time to make your shopping lists. What do you need to buy at the grocery store? What Christmas presents do you need to get? This will make it easier for you to decide if you need to go to the store or if you can find some of those items online. Online shopping is the most convenient form of shopping. Just make sure you purchase those items far enough in advance so that you don’t have to pay extra for speedy shipping.

4. Task Out Responsibility – Once you get closer to the holidays, you can get your holiday helpers (the family) ready! This task is essential to keeping your sanity because it’s impossible to do everything on your own. Have the kids set the table and even make some of the easier food items (like pumpkin pie if it’s not from scratch).

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