Shower Curtains vs. Shower Glass Doors

Maybe you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, and you set your eyes on the tub/shower. You want to make it all look better, but to complete the look of your tub, do you go with a shower curtain or a shower door? There are benefits to each, but never fear- there’s help in making this decision. The things to look at are a few select criteria in making this decision: safety, longevity, and overall look.


While it might seem to be merely a question about aesthetics, a big part of your choice will actually rest on which option is safer for your family. Studies show most deadly accidents happen in the home, and with slick floors from a sloppy shower job the bathroom is no different.

Shower curtains seem like a simple option that most of us have used in our lives already, but the fact is they can contribute to a dangerous shower in a number of ways. It’s very easy to forget to leave the shower curtain from completely covering the tub or shower, which allows more water to build up on the bathroom floor leading to a greater slipping risk. This can be extremely hazardous for any elderly who have to use the bathroom after the shower.

Another problem that may not have been considered before is that a lot of the cheaper shower curtains are made with plastics and chemicals that can be unhealthy for the wellness of children if they’re around it for too long- with shower curtains being used for months if not years without replacement, this is likely. They can contain carcinogens that make it more likely for someone to develop cancer, and can even cause headaches and other problems if the children are around it too long.

Shower doors avoid a lot of the safety oversights of curtains. Because they are made of strong, durable materials and designed to be closed tightly, it is much easier to prevent a build up of water on your bathroom floor, keeping the threat of slipping down. As well, there are no dangerous chemicals to harm your children that are used in the construction, and so don’t feature that kind of hazard either. Overall, if safety is your concern then shower doors are your best bet.


It can be a hassle to have to constantly maintain your bathroom space, but you can make your job significantly easier based on the choice you make of curtains or doors.

Shower curtains need to either be removed and washed separately, or you need to take your time and clean every inch of the curtain. The reason for this is that any missed spots can result in a growth of bacteria that can pose a hazard to your family- but even with a lot of attention, you’ll still probably need to replace your curtains every few months if not sooner, which builds up costs in the long run.

Shower doors are usually easier to clean given their normal, flat surfaces, which can cut down on the time and effort you need to put in to keep them clean. As well, because your doors are designed for the long haul, instead of buying many curtains over the years, you only need to buy your doors once and focus on maintaining them, meaning there is a larger up front cost but one that gets cheaper over time comparatively.

Overall Look

There have been enough improvements in the look of shower curtains that you can get a beautiful, modern one to accent your bathroom remodel. While not the first thought in bathroom beautification, curtains are a more viable option.

Shower doors are the classically attractive option. You can design your doors down to the frames and color of glass which can create some beautiful effects for your remodel, meaning you can design your door to fit your remodel while a curtain would have to be repurchased after it was used too much, which could be hard to find.

Shower Doors: The Clear Winner

While curtains are options for any one to use, if you’re putting the money needed in for a bathroom remodel it makes more sense to go the full mile if you can and get the shower doors- they last longer, are easier to clean, and fit any look you’re going for. They may appear overly pricey, but it’s an investment that will make your house more valuable, and will provide a beautiful bathroom experience for your family to use over and over again.