Should I Add Wire Shelving to my Closet?

Few and far between are the homeowners who open the coat closet, the linen closet, or the master bedroom closet and revel in the beautifully organized space. Perhaps no one has ever complained about too much closet space. The secret of most closets is that with a few well-thought-out adjustments and the strategic addition of the right shelving, every closet can work harder and make you happier every time you open the door. 

Maximize Closet Space

Many standard closets are equipped with little more than a hanging rod for clothes and a high shelf overhead. Even though larger walk-in closets are outfitted with an array of shelving, unless you’ve customized the closet to your liking, the assortment of organizing products and shelving will rarely work for your specific needs. The simple and cost-effective addition of Rubbermaid wire shelving can dramatically change how your closets work for you,

Hidden Potential

Take a look at your master closet or any closet that isn’t pulling its organization weight. Most likely, there are hidden pockets of unused space that could be used more efficiently. Most people don’t hang all of their clothes and have more shoes than can easily be arranged neatly in rows on the floor. Most people of average height can’t easily reach the standard high shelf and are unlikely to take full advantage of it as a result. Unlocking the hidden potential of your closet means taking advantage of vertical space and installing shelves and organizing helpers that fit your needs.

Transform Your Closets

Take an inventory of your wardrobe, your family’s coats and jackets, or the towels and bedding you store in your closets. Start by taking everything out of your closet and re-imagining how you would store everything if you could create the storage system you need. Custom shelving systems allow you to cut down the length of your hanging storage if you need more shelves. 

The hanging storage in a child’s closet, for example, can often be stacked so that two hanging rods take the place of one because children’s clothing is smaller. Most master closets can also take advantage of stacking hanging rods for hanging tops or accessories. Dresses or pants need more vertical space to hang, but most people don’t have a wardrobe consisting of only one type of clothing, and their closet storage should reflect that.

People who have more than a few pairs of shoes could easily benefit from shoe storage that stacks shoes close together instead of in a messy pile on the floor. A linen closet might call for more shelves, so stacks of bedding aren’t piled high and constantly sliding sideways. Pull out baskets or cubbies can transform the closet in your entry or mudroom by corralling mittens, hats, and scarves or by creating an out-of-the-way space for off-season items when you don’t need access to them. Who wants to dig through a pile of cold-weather gear when looking for summer essentials like sunscreen or wide-brimmed hats?

Benefits of Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is an easy and cost-effective way to customize your closets and make them work for you. The idea of installing customized organizational systems in your closets might sound intimidating or expensive, but wire shelving is a budget-friendly way to transform your space.


Wire shelving systems are lightweight and strong, holding 75 pounds per foot once installed. The low profile of wire shelving versus bulkier wood systems makes wire systems perfect for reach-in closets and smaller spaces. Metal coated wire systems allow air to circulate throughout the closet and require virtually no maintenance. Install, or have a professional do it, and forget about it.


An entire master closet can be outfitted with a wire storage system for just a couple of hundred dollars, making even large closet renovations well within reach. For a very modest investment, you can create a storage system of shelving, hanging storage, shoe storage, and whatever specific accessories you need. 

Flexible storage

As the needs of your family change, wire storage can be reconfigured and adjusted to meet the challenge. Kids grow, and their closets need to move with the times. A teenager who collects sneakers might need more shelving than a kid who stashed toys in the closet. As a collection of purses or denim grows, shelf dividers or hooks can be added to make room for stable stacks of folded clothes or a place to file bags standing up to prevent damage.

Benefit From Our Experience

Harkraft has been working with homeowners to make their storage dreams a reality for a long time, and we’re always happy to share our knowledge and expertise. Contact us today to talk about a project or a closet you’d like to transform. We work with Rubbermaid wire shelving systems, and we understand how to put wire storage to work in your closets.