Kid-Friendly Rubbermaid Closet Organizing Tips

When’s the last time you could see the floor of your kids’ closet? If the answer is never, it’s time to get organized. Rubbermaid closet organizers can make the job easier for a kid-friendly closet that gets organized and stays organized.

Kids Rubbermaid Closet

1. Keep clothes within reach.
Even if your kids don’t pick out their own outfits yet, they will be soon. Keeping clothes within easy reach will make it easier for kids to dress themselves and put away their own clothes.

Use low hanging rods for shirts, pants, and skirts. Arrange everyday clothes on the lower rod, and fill the higher rod with dressy clothes and seasonal clothing that your child won’t need for a few months. When the seasons change, swap warmer clothing with cooler clothing, so that the right clothes for the season are always within reach.

Rubbermaid closet shelving and drawers make great storage spaces for sweaters, jeans, socks, and pajamas. Add a shoe rack on the on the bottom to keep shoes together, organized, and off the closet floor.

2. Use higher closet shelves for storage.
Just because your child can’t reach the top shelf of the closet doesn’t mean you can’t use this space to its full potential. Reserve the upper closet shelves for items such as extra blankets, clothing that your child will grow into later, off-season clothes, and items that your child only needs occasionally.

3. Leave room for growth.
Adjustable Rubbermaid wire shelving makes it easy to move clothing rods and shelves up or down as needed, so that your child’s closet grows and evolves as they do. Since you can easily move shelving higher as your child grows, you don’t need to worry about installing it too low right now. Just adjust the closet shelves as your child grows to keep clothes within easy reach and make room for longer dresses, pants, suits, and other hanging items.

4. Make it fun with colors.
Make your child’s closet fun with a splash of vibrant color. Use colored canvas bins, a colorful rug on the closet floor, or paint the inside of the closet your child’s favorite color to personalize your kid’s closet and make it their own. Allow your child to help decorate the closet and choose their favorite colors to incorporate into the design.

Rubbermaid Closet Organizers Minneapolis
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