Relax Easier This Summer Knowing Your Kids’ Toys Are Easily Stored 

It’s every parent’s biggest struggle during the summer. Keeping your kids entertained without the routine of school can be a struggle, and usually leads to toys strewn about the home with new ones getting pulled out every five seconds. Not only can this be tough on a parent’s mental state, but it can be tough on your feet too if your kid loves dragging their Legos throughout the house!

You need some actionable tips to help you relax this summer, and we’ve got them for you! We’ll help you relax easier this summer by giving you some great tips for kids’ toy storage and how to tackle the chore of mudroom organization. 

Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to take some notes because your summer is going to be much more relaxing when you know that your kids’ toys are easily stored and not underfoot.

Organizing the Playroom

Keeping your kids’ playroom and bedrooms organized is an uphill battle. As soon as you put a couple of toys away, there will be a dozen more getting pulled out of tox boxes and closets! A great idea for this is to spark your kids’ imaginations so they’re more willing to help and keep things organized.

A great method for this is creating little ‘homes’ for your kid’s toys. Make up little beds for their stuffed animals in a designated toy box or clear storage bin. Create little garages out of cardboard boxes or old shoe boxes or their racecars. Build a tower (or three!) out of their Legos and place their action figures inside the tower.

This gives kids a special spot to return their toys to at the end of each day, and they’ll enjoy bringing their toys ‘home’ at night. If you don’t have a ton of floor space, then a great solution is to install some custom shelves with little cubbyholes. You can transform each little cubby into a mini home for your kids’ toys. It’ll get everything up off the floor and take that weight right off your shoulders.

Updating the Mudroom

Mudrooms tend to become a madhouse during the summer. Muddy shoes and boots get tossed on the floor along with spare toys, bikes, and whatever else your kids drag into the home. You need some tips to help you become an expert in mudroom organization.

Start with the basics. Get some shoe/boot organizers in place to keep the mud and mess contained. You can get a nice shoe rack installed, or even bring in a simple wire shelving unit. This is the perfect place to keep muddy shoes and toys because it can hold a lot of items and it’s super easy to clean.

Once the basics are contained, it’s time to get creative! Try dedicating one wall of your mudroom just for storage. Drill hooks into the wall for hanging umbrellas and raincoats. Add some more hooks for any toys that can be hung up, like jump ropes, hula hoops, and skates. Set up a hamper against the wall to collect any muddy clothing before it gets inside your home. 

Keep the closet in your mudroom clean with some hanging organizers. You can hang these right on the door and they’re the perfect spot for keeping spare shoes, water toys that only come out every once in a while, toys that your kids don’t use during the summer, and so much more.

Consider a Toy Shed

Another great way to help keep your home clutter-free is by keeping the outside toys outside! Most kids don’t want to get dragged back inside at the end of a fun day of play, and it’s even harder when you’re trying to convince them to help pack up and bring in all of their outdoor toys.

You need their toys to be stored somewhere safe from the elements. Instead of bringing them inside at the end of each day, why not set up a toy shed outside where they’ll be safe and out of the way?

Toy sheds are inexpensive, but you could even build one yourself with the right materials and a little craftiness. You can add some custom shelves or cabinets in the toy shed to help organize their outdoor toys and your kids will love playing ‘adults’ and going into this shed to gather their things, as well as putting them away at the end of the day.

Keep Your Kids’ Toys Organized With Harkraft

Parents have a lot on their minds, and we want to help take some of that stress off your plate. Contact us today to learn about how we can help you keep your kids playroom, bedrooms, or mudroom organized with some customized shelving and cabinets.