Picking The Right Wine Cellar

Whether you drink wine casually or are a wine connoisseur you might want to consider upgrading a space in your house to a wine cellar. From 5 to 5,000 bottles Harkraft can help you with your wine cellar needs. There are a few important things to consider when picking out your wine cellar.

Size – Determine where you would like your wine rack or cellar to go. Do you have a whole room to dedicate to one or just a smaller space under the stairs? Also, consider the types of wine you buy. Bottle size varies for different kinds of wine.

Climate Control – Are you buying wine to drink soon after? Or are you buying vintage wine you intend on aging? Temperature and humidity have a big impact on wine quality. Depending on your wine needs you might want to consider a cooler/chiller or even a HVAC system for your wine storage.

Storage – Do you buy your wine one at a time or in bulk? If you buy bulk you should design your storage space to be able to store an entire case. Adding a table or shelf into the cellar is also a good idea when putting the wine away.

Wine Cellar Use – Do you have a large space for your wine cellar? People with wine cellars sometimes like to conduct wine tastings in their cellars. If you are thinking about entertaining guests in the cellar think about making room for a table and chairs, glass holders, and proper lighting.