Organizing Your Linen Closet & Bathroom Closet

When it comes to organizing the bathroom, the linen closet is usually overlooked. It may not be visible to everyone, so towels and toiletries just get thrown into it with no rhyme or reason. If you’re tired of opening up that bathroom closet to a cluttered mess, then it may be time to start thinking seriously about getting organized.

Typically, unless you have endless closets or cabinets, bathroom closet storage can be hard to come by. And it’s often daunting to try and make use of a small bathroom space to store so much. But don’t worry; your friends at Harkraft are here to help. Today, we’ll be discussing a few tricks and tools you can use to create an attractive and perfectly organized linen or bathroom closet. Let’s jump right in.

Clean Out the Closet

The first step to organizing your linen or bathroom closet is to take everything out and get rid of things that you no longer need. Items such as expired lotions, makeup, or skincare should be thrown out right away. Consider getting rid of old, musty towels that are worn out and not used as often, too. Also, consider donating old towels and sheets that are still in good shape. Every little bit helps.

Utilize Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is a great option for linen and bathroom closets. Towels and sheets can trap dust and debris—but with wire shelves, it minimizes the amount that accumulates. This solution is easy to clean and maintain as well. Wire shelving is completely customizable, so you can easily find an option that works well for your space.

Use Baskets

Baskets are a good way to organize smaller items in your closet. Washcloths, extra shampoo or conditioner, and other toiletry items can be placed in a basket. This can make your closet feel less cluttered, but also look nicer than just placing items on the shelves. Plus, baskets make it easier to pull out and grab what you need without having to search through all of the various items.

Categorize Items

Create a system that you will be able to consistently use. Organize items by shelf or in baskets, and always make sure to place items back in the closet in the same way each time. This will help keep the clutter and disorganization to a minimum. Keep items such as toilet paper, tissue boxes, and feminine products in the same area—and other products such as extra toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, and mouthwash in another area. This will help ensure that you know exactly where things are each time you go to look for them.

Don’t Neglect the Back of the Door

Don’t forget about the back of the door. This can be a great way to free up space on shelves or in baskets. Utilize wire door hangers to hang thing smaller things like toilet paper, boxes of extra tissues, or cotton pads. This way, they are also in an easily accessible place and you won’t be forced to move around a lot of stuff while searching for them.

Use Clear Containers

Utilizing clear containers can be extremely beneficial for a bathroom closet. By using clear containers, you’re able to see inside them without having to open them up each time or take them down off the top shelf. Make sure to also label the outside in case they’re stored in a hard-to-reach spot.

Use Curtains in the Closet

If you don’t want some of the unpleasant items (such as toilet bowl cleaners or plungers) to be visible, opt for a curtain on the bottom shelf. This will keep those things hidden when you open up the closet door.

Keep Things Fresh

One of the last steps in creating a fully organized linen or bathroom closet is to keep things fresh and maintained. Always put things away neatly and in their correct spots. For items that don’t get used often (such as comforters or flannel sheets for the winter), utilize space-saving, vacuum-sealed bags. Also, keep an air freshener pouch in with your towels and sheets to keep things from smelling musty or old.

Organize Your Linen or Bathroom Closet with Harkraft

Whether you’re looking for a quick, simple solution or a whole redesign of your closet, Harkraft can help. With over 40 years of expertise, one of our certified installation representatives can help you reach your organizational goals in no time. We can design functional closets made for any space, big or small. Contact us today to get started!