Kids Room Storage & Dealing With Toys All Over the House

Keeping your home neat and tidy is tough when you have children grabbing and discarding toys more quickly than parents can keep up. Children learn best through play, but they can also learn how to help keep things organized. 

Your kids will get into the routine of putting their toys in the proper places once you implement a few simple storage solutions. We have some unique ideas to keep your home tidy and your kid’s toys organized. 

Color Coordinate Cubbies

Wooden free-standing storage units with separate cubbies present the perfect opportunity to teach your kids the benefits of organization. You can place these units in virtually any room of your home.

Many people opt to buy clear plastic containers for these cubbies so they can see what’s inside, but a more creative option is to get plastic containers in multiple colors. 

You can teach your kids to put specific toys in plastic containers of a certain color. For example, building blacks go in the green container, arts & crafts supplies go in the blue container, action figures go in the yellow container, etc. 

This will prevent your kids’ toys from becoming strewed together, which will make finding specific toys easier, and make the clean-up process go more smoothly. 

Kids’ Room Storage Ideas

Trying to convince your kids to keep their rooms clean is a major source of stress for most parents. There are plenty of ways you can maximize the space in your children’s rooms to help them keep their toys organized.

An adjustable bookcase storage unit is a must-have for parents. These usually come with 7-10 cubes that you can stack in different ways to create an almost staircase effect. Designate each cubby to a specific toy or for school work, arts & crafts, books, etc. 

Another idea is to get a new frame for your child’s bed that includes built-in cabinets and shelves. This is a great place for storing story books, stuffed animals, extra clothes, and frequently used toys. 

Unique Kids Toy Storage in the Living Room Ideas

Kids spend a lot of time playing in the living room, and they can leave a path of destruction that takes ages to clean up. Here are some unique ideas to help encourage your kids to put their toys away at the end of playtime.

Create A Reading Nook

Reading nooks are a great place for kids to relax, read, or play with quiet toys. A nice cushioned bench atop a wooden frame with built-in cabinets and shelves will create the perfect quiet place for your kids, and give your kids’ books and quiet toys a designed home.

Install Custom Cabinets

Installing custom cabinets is a great choice for parents because you can have them built in any size or shape you need. You can put custom cabinets around the other furniture in your room, and they’ll blend in nicely with your living room decor while providing a space for your kids’ extra toys. 

This is the perfect space for their crafts projects, building blocks, dolls, and more. Having their own storage spaces will make your kids feel like they’re more grown up and they’ll be more willing to help pick up after themselves at the end of the day.

Organize Your Kids’ Toys With Harkraft

Here at Harkraft, we want to help make everyone’s lives easier by providing unique and effective storage solutions. Whether you need some custom cabinets installed, or want assistance with other aspects of your home storage, we can help. Contact us today to get your kids’ toys organized.