Kids Closet Storage Ideas

If your kids closet is one big open space with a clothes rod and a shelf above it, you’re asking for trouble! In an open closet, clothes and shoes pile up on the floor, your kids can’t find the clothes they want, and your kids clean their room by throwing things on the closet floor, where they hope you won’t look.

kids closet storage

Here are some tips on keeping your kids closet organized with a closet system that includes storage bins, drawers, and shelving.

1. Use hooks for grab-and-go items.
If you’re like most families, life is hectic, with sports, school activities, and homework all in the mix. Make it easy for your child or teen to grab items that they wear all the time without having to fiddle with hangers or drawers. Install a few hooks inside the closet for a favorite sweater, ballcap, or jacket.

2. Store seasonal items out of reach.
Every closet has a space that’s hard to reach, whether that’s a shelf high up or a back corner of the closet. Store off-season clothing and items that your child doesn’t need access to very often in these hard-to-reach places.

3. Think small.
Deep drawers and deep storage bins are difficult to keep organized. Instead of buying a couple of large storage tubs, invest in multiple small baskets or bins that are shallow enough to easily find items. Kids will be able to find what they need without digging through lots of items and making a mess in the closet. By using smaller storage containers, they will also be lighter so that kids can easily take them off the shelf and put them back.

4. Hang it low.
A lower closet rod lets kids grab the clothes they need and dress themselves without your help. You can install a rod higher up for clothes that your child doesn’t need or wear as often, such as dress clothes, costumes, and special occasion clothes.

5. Plan for the future.
Use wire closet organizers for a closet system that can change and grow as your child gets older. Wire shelving and organizers are easy to rearrange. You can also add more pieces later if needed, such as wire shelving for shoes or hanging baskets.

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