Keep Your Kids Closet Organized

Your child’s room may always be a disaster but their closet doesn’t need to be! If your child’s closet is organized, it will make for less stressful mornings getting ready for school and will make laundry much easier. Here are some tips to keep your child’s closet organized and teach them some responsibility.

1.) Keep items within reach: This way the most common items they wear they will have access to. This will also make putting the laundry away much easier for you!

2.) Put seasonal items in storage: In the winter your child will most likely not being wearing shorts or tank tops. Put these items in a Rubbermaid bin to keep them protected. This will create extra space in the closet for bulkier items such as sweatshirts and sweaters.

3.) Encourage your child to be organized: Show your child how the items are separated. For example, if all of the sweaters or sweatshirts are in a certain area encourage them to put away their own laundry. This will also make for faster mornings because they will know where each item is.

What are some of your tips to keep your child’s closet organized?