Should I Install Custom Garage Cabinets?

Picture this: it’s a beautiful fall day, and your entire family has decided to go on a bike ride. Everyone heads to the garage to pull out bikes and helmets. First, you need to move the bin of garden tools from in front of your bike, and someone needs help reaching her helmet, which has ended up in a basket of soccer balls and lacrosse pads and a goalie mask that no longer fits anyone. Across the garage, someone else knocks over a can of half-used paint stored against the wall. Say goodbye to that lovely bike ride—now you have to clean up paint! 

We’ve got a solution for your consideration: custom garage cabinets. These handy storage solutions could be exactly what you need to take your garage from a disaster to an organized oasis.

The Garage Works Hard 

The average garage is a space expected to function in a lot of ways. It can become a catch-all for lawn and garden care tools, sports equipment, power tools, bikes, off-season outdoor games, and so much more—and you’re probably still hoping to fit a couple of cars in there to keep them out of the elements. Sometimes, cleaning and organizing the garage can seem like such an overwhelming and time-consuming task that it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list. 

Imagine getting your garage organized and keeping it that way without the constant struggle. Garage cabinets and shelves that are customized to your space might be worth the investment if you can make your garage work for you. Maybe you dream of a completely customized space, or perhaps you need a few sturdy shelves and cabinets to beat the clutter threatening to take over your parking space.

Organize Your Garage

Take a look around your garage at all the things that are stored, dropped, or forgotten within those walls. Maybe your family has every kind of ball, stick, bat, goal, and racquet that a person could need to play any sport. You might have a collection of basic tools or you might be a dedicated hobbyist with expensive specialty gear. Custom cabinets can help corral your specific items by taking your needs into account. 

Consider taking an honest look at all of your stuff, and think about how it could be better organized. Modular, easy-to-care-for cabinets can be designed and rearranged to suit your family. Add drawers to hold small tools, a locking cabinet for chemicals or valuable tools, or baskets to corral odds and ends. You can hang the cabinets high on the wall, so the lawnmower can be parked underneath, or lower so a ladder can be stored above. The best part is that when you need to roll your bike out or grab the ladder off the wall, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need!

Create More Space

Making space sounds like magic, but this kind of magic comes from taking advantage of all the square footage available to you in a smart way. Tall cabinets will allow you to take advantage of vertical space. High shelves will enable you to keep paint or seldom-used items out of the way of the things you use more regularly. Consider installing sturdy, hard-working shelves and hooks to hold things like helmets and grilling tools you might use all the time. 

Once you’ve taken advantage of all your garage space, you might find that you have room to spare! You might be able to store holiday decorations or bulk purchases in your newly spacious and organized garage, thereby creating additional space in your house. Now that’s magic!

Up Your Resale Value

Whether you’re considering putting your house on the market, or you’re just tired of opening your car door into the scooter that doesn’t have a home, a system to organize your garage is going to be an investment you’ll be happy you made. When you’re trying to sell your house, prospective buyers will definitely take a look at the garage. If your garage looks like the place where you drop everything and shut the door, they may not be able to see past the clutter. If the space appears uncared for, buyers might question whether you’ve taken good care of the rest of your house. 

Taking the Next Step With Harkraft

Whether you’ve just bought a bigger vehicle, your kid needs a place to store his new hockey goal between practice sessions, or you’re just tired of moving three things to get to the workbench, custom garage cabinets and storage solutions from Harkraft might be exactly what you’re looking for. We provide a wide range of customizable storage cabinets and other solutions that can add some much needed organization to your home. 

You should be able to store your holiday decorations, work on projects at your workbench, find the basketball, and park the cars all in the same space. Let us show you all the ways you can make your garage work for you. Contact us today to get started.