Improve the Value of Your Home with These 7 Master Shower Ideas

Research has shown that specific types of remodels bring added value to your home while others do not. According to the Home Improvement Research Institute, one area consistently at the top of a homebuyer’s wish list is a home with an upgraded master bath. Also, modernized bathrooms add value to a home because they utilize water more efficiently, saving on energy and water cost in the long term.

Most homeowner’s state “not enough space” as their primary obstacle for not adding a shower to their master bath. What you may not be aware of are all the space saving configurations that allow for a master shower placement in almost any scenario. The options are limited only to your creativity and the skill of your contractor.

Check out these seven innovative design ideas for creating a beautiful master shower, guaranteed to add appeal and value to your home.

For Narrow Spaces

If you are replacing a tub and have only a narrow area to work with, you may worry that it isn’t wide enough for a comfortable walk-in shower. The thing to remember is that modern showers are thinner and low profile, maximizing your space.


Shower for narrow spaces


You can see how the configuration and design of this master shower creates openness and a feeling of more space than you would have with a tub/shower combination. And the best part is, you get to ditch that unsightly shower curtain!

Corner Tub with Separate Shower

If you just can’t imagine giving up your long soaks in the tub, this master shower configuration gives you the best of both worlds. Because the bathtub is placed in diagonally in the corner, there is plenty of room left for a shower. The result is a modern bathroom to indulge everyone’s bathing preference.


Corner tub with separate shower


Let the Sun Shine In

Don’t you love the way the contractors took advantage of this underutilized upstairs space? The addition of the skylight adds character to the room and opens the space up a bit. The subway tile used to complete the design is on-trend and can be found in just about any color imaginable.


Sky light shower


Another option for putting a shower under the eaves of a house would be to have the roof dormered. Adding dormers or gables to your roof would give your home added charm and dramatically increase upstairs or attic space.

Closet to Shower Conversion

If you don’t mind giving up some closet space, like this homeowner did, you can find the perfect space for a comfortably sized walk-in master shower. Here the contractors perfectly installed a shower in an area the size of most linen closets, yet it makes the entire bathroom look larger, more open and modern.


Closet to shower conversion


The Angled Shower

This is the most common configuration for saving space. However, that doesn’t mean you are relegated to using a boring shower kit. Corner showers can be made to look just as luxurious and tempting as their larger more spacious alternatives. Choosing the best materials for the job is a top consideration. Various engineered and natural stone tiles are great alternatives to traditional bathroom tile.

andgled shower

Partitioned Shower

Here we have another way to make space for both a shower and a tub when space is limited. We love the sleek, elegant look of this modern ensuite.

partitioned shower

The Luxury Shower

You might be surprised just how much room you have and even if your bathroom is small, just ask your contractor to find the room, chances are, they will! If luxury is what you are seeking in a master shower, this is the epitome. Top of the line fixtures and stonework make this shower decadent and still modern and sleek.
luxury showers

Today’s showers are as beautiful as they are functional and they can make a personal design statement. You can choose to have a walk-in shower while also enjoying a tub for relaxing, to create an inviting ensuite that buyers will fall for at first sight.

Either way, a personalized look and improved efficiency will add value to your home.

Even if your master bathroom is tiny, it is possible that plenty of options exist to make room for your walk-in shower. Remember that it is the collaborative process that makes working with a professional contractor and design team so much fun.