Important Spring Cleaning Tips For 2020

We have all been spending a lot of time in our homes as we shelter-in-place and undertake most of our daily activities remotely. The house has become everything: an office or two, a classroom, the gym, and a restaurant that’s always open. It might seem like now more than ever you need to give your house a thorough spring cleaning. You might be right. The annual spring cleaning in 2020 feels more significant than in years past for a few reasons. 

Spring Cleaning Never Felt So Good

Almost no one is immune to the anxiety epidemic accompanying the current global health crisis. It can be scary just to read the news much less to venture out of your house. Giving your home a good old fashioned spring cleaning in 2020 can create a feeling of a calm, clean sanctuary. And everyone could use a sanctuary right now. 

Deep Clean

If you’ve got the time, right now is a perfect time to give your house a thorough, deep clean. Start with the usual suspects: kitchens and bathrooms. Spring cleaning implies a deeper cleaning than usual, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time and enlist the help of the people you live with. Delegate jobs to everyone so you stay out of each other’s way. 

Clean from the top of the room down. Vacuum or dust light fixtures. Remove everything, from furniture to all the things sitting on your countertops, as you go. Clean the floor and cabinet fronts on your hands and knees so you can deal with the toe kick space beneath your cabinets. Wipe down every surface horizontal and vertical, including cabinet fronts, with warm soapy water. Finish by washing all high-touch surfaces like handles and countertops with a sanitizing solution.

Tackle one room a day or as much as you can handle before you start to feel yourself doing a less than stellar job. One thing you probably have right now is weekends without plans since sports are on hold, and group gatherings are off-limits. Pace yourself, start with the high-traffic rooms like the bathrooms and kitchens. Once you finish a room, let yourself enjoy the clean room for a while to create momentum for the rest of the house. Reward yourself and your clean kitchen with takeout from a favorite local restaurant so you can keep that just-spring-cleaned feeling a little longer.

Clean Slate

Your newly deep cleaned house will be easier to keep cleaned up and organized on an ongoing basis. You can also feel more comfortable bringing in groceries or items from outside your household, knowing you’re starting with clean surfaces. You can set up a place to unpack and put away groceries and feel confident you’re home is a clean slate. After you bring things in from stores or restaurants, wash your hands and clean the surfaces you’ve touched, and you’re right back to your happy (clean) place.

Staying Home Together

No matter how your family is getting along, it can feel nice to have everyone around you when the world seems a little crazy. That doesn’t mean, however, that you aren’t tired of cleaning up after each other! Spring cleaning your house this year is a great time to get the entire family or household involved in keeping the house clean. Once people are invited or coerced into doing a deep spring cleaning of their room and community areas in the house, they’ll feel more responsible and motivated to keep the things clean.

Time to Tackle Projects

You might also have some spare time to dedicate to major cleaning projects you’ve been putting off. Now might be a good time to deep clean and reseal your shower to prevent mold or mildew. You might want to do a deep-dive in your linen closet or laundry room storage. Clean the refrigerator by taking everything out shelf by shelf and washing all the drawers and shelves with hot soapy water. Run a sanitizing cycle on the washing machine and dishwasher or use vinegar or lemon as a natural deodorizer. 

As you make your way through your 2020 spring cleaning tasks, problem areas might present themselves. You may realize, now more than ever before with constant cooking, that your pantry is unorganized and inefficient. Perhaps you haven’t looked into your children’s closets for a while, but you’re spending more time in every room of your house and realize that someone needs more space for storing shoes while someone else won’t hang anything and could use more shelves for folded clothes. Wire shelving can be used in the pantry, closets, and storage areas to quickly and easily transform a space. 

Harkraft is Here

Harkraft is still here, and we’re always happy to help you plan for simple storage upgrades or complete renovations. Our expertise means we have ideas and a range of solutions to make your home storage spaces efficient, easy, and exactly what you’re looking for. From pantries to wine storage, closets to garages, we are here to help you. Get in touch with us to talk about how we can help you make your house work for you.