Mudroom Storage Ideas You Will Love

The mudroom is a great place to shed those layers and keep the muck out of your home. However, because this room acts as a receptacle for so many things, it can quickly get overcrowded. Boots, shoes, coats, backpacks, lunch boxes and more need to be stored efficiently so that your family and guests don’t have to run an obstacle course every time they come through the door.
Thankfully, there’s a lot of little things you can do to increase your mudroom storage and make it more manageable. You don’t even have to be an expert carpenter or hire a contractor! Here are some ideas to help you get the clutter out of the way and into its place.

Get a Bench

One of the easiest ways to get more space in your mudroom is to install a bench. It adds seating and can fit more people at once than chairs or even stools. Also, if space isn’t being used, it becomes a convenient low shelf. Don’t hesitate to add paint or cushions as well. After all, this bench will be one of the first things that guests will see when entering your home.
When choosing or installing a bench, make sure there is clearance under it. The area underneath is the best place for shoes, boots and other things relegated to the floor, including pet supplies. A storage bench can also add options. Just make sure it is easy to open and spacious inside so you can utilize all of the space it takes up.

Ditch the Closet and the Hangars

Closets can quickly fill up and become packed with stuff you can’t get to. Also, their stuffy nature means that mold can find a home to grow on if it gets wet in there. Instead of a closet or cabinets that utilize coat hangers, consider a simpler solution: hooks.

Mudroom shelf

Hooks are faster and better at keeping your things dry. They can also hold things hangers can’t like towels or backpacks. Try making tiers of hooks at different heights for different things, like purses or coats, to make the most of your space.
If you prefer your hung items out of sight, install some cubbies. With a little work, your things can appear recessed into the wall and will be less likely to draw attention.

Make Your Mudroom Kid-Friendly

If you have kids, you know that it can be a lot of work getting them to put their things in the right place when they are finished with them. In most cases, children aren’t worried about who has to declutter the entryway; they just want to get inside as fast as possible to play and enjoy themselves. However, there are ways you can make it easier for them to help keep the mudroom organized.
First, hooks can help get things in their right place. After all, taking a few minutes to open up a cabinet and fiddle with a coat hanger can seem like an eternity in kid time. Giving them hooks for their coats, backpacks and the like provides a faster option they are more likely to use.
Next, try giving each family their own hooks, cubby, shelf or cabinet (complete with a name tag or nameplate). Personalization is a great way to help drive kids to take charge and do their part. Having their own personal space can help them feel more responsible, which in turn can encourage them to put away their things and keep the area clean.

Get the Little Things Sorted

We carry a lot of stuff on the way out of the home: keys, phones, wallets, mail and more. Instead of putting these things in a bowl or leaving them on the kitchen counter, make spaces designed specifically for each kind of item.
A small series of hooks will keep keys from getting lost or cluttering up your home. You could even repurpose a spice rack by adding hooks so you can keep some essentials, like wallets or sunglasses, on the small shelf near the hooks that hold your keys. Whatever you choose, keep it at eye level or near the light switch so you don’t forget to use it. Moreover, don’t forget to label each hook! A particular hook for each member of the family, vehicle or door will make for easy use.
Devices that also make journeys with you (such as cell phones or laptops) are prime candidates for getting their own mudroom storage space. Find a space on a shelf or surface in your mudroom to put chargers or charging docks. You can use zip ties, clamp clips or just tape to keep cords together and untangled.
For important documents like mail, you can use magazine organizers. Attach them under a shelf or onto the wall to keep your papers from cluttering up surfaces. Each family member can get their own personal nook to keep everything organized.

File organizers

Storage Ideas for Mudrooms on a Budget

Cabinets with drawers and doors can be expensive, not to mention the hassle of getting them installed. As a thriftier option, you can get inexpensive shelving units that you can put together yourself. These can be freestanding, or you can easily attach them to the wall with wood glue. The result should be many small square spaces for all of your stuff that you want to keep close to the door.
After that is set up, you can purchase plastic or fabric bins that will fit in these spaces. Label them, and slide them into place to keep their contents organized and within reach. Anything from gloves to chew toys to sports equipment can get their own bin and shelf that’s nearby and easy to access.
You can even put a shelf unit on its side and slide it under a bench. More containers or just shoes and boots can fit into separate places, ensuring that you always know where to find them. Alternatively, you can put a shelf unit on its side with its front facing up. Doing this gives you little holes you can drop shoes, boots or other small items into to quickly and easily sort them.

storage idea

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