How to Use Mirrors to Create More Bathroom Space

If you’re dissatisfied with your bathroom because it’s too small or think that the existing space is poorly utilized, there are several tips and tricks you can use to create the illusion of a new room. By strategically selecting and placing mirrors, you can easily and in expensively give yourself the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Good Mirrors Reflect Light and Space

When you look behind you in a mirror, the space behind you seems amplified. Because the glass reflects light and light creates the illusion of an airier space, your brain is tricked into thinking there’s more space than there actually is. This effect is called trompe l’oeil and is frequently used in magic shows and theater productions.

Harkraft mirror
Strategic placement of mirrors can help create the illusion of space and light.

How to Manipulate Light with Mirrors

If your bathroom has a window, it’ll be fairly straightforward for you to maximize the amount of light that streams in, even if you’re facing north, the direction which tends to bring the least amount of natural light. First, place a mirror opposite the window to catch and reflect the light, and then place another mirror on the first wall the eye sees upon entry.

However, if your bathroom is windowless, you’ll have to be a little more strategic in where you place your mirrors so as to create the illusion of as much space as possible. You’ll want to place a mirror on the wall someone will see when they first walk in, immediately creating a larger sense of space and setting the person up to think that way. Next, cover a wall with mirrors. Most people choose to do this under the vanity lights, but you can also place mirrors on another wall in addition to under the vanity lights.

More or Less Mirrors?

The question of how many mirrors to use is a tricky one because there’s no set answer. If you’ve got a larger-sized bathroom but the pieces are awkwardly placed, you can get away with larger or more mirrors. But if your bathroom is on the smaller side, you’ll have to plan your mirror selection more carefully. The key, no matter how large or small your bathroom is, is to keep proportion and perspective in mind. Several large mirrors in a small bathroom will create the sense of more light, but it’ll make your bathroom look crowded and negate the effect of mirrors.

How and Where to Place Mirrors

Grouping a number of small mirrors together is an effective way of creating more light and space for a couple of reasons: it can be more cost effective, and using mirrors of different sizes can add a stylish flair. For the quite daring, placing mirrors on the ceiling is also an option as it’ll create the illusion of a higher ceiling. One drawback of this is the higher placement of the mirrors will make them more difficult to reach when cleaning, but a small and sturdy stepladder can easily sidestep this issue.

Bathroom Mirrors

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