How to Organize Your Garage During a Pandemic

Your garage and the current social distancing guidelines many of us are living under might seem at first to have little to do with one another. But as the weather warms up and parks and other recreational areas possibly remain closed or restricted, taking advantage of your own outdoor space and recreational equipment will likely become a priority for your family.

Time For a Cleanout

Some people will put off cleaning the garage for years because it’s simply not a job they’re enthusiastic about. Others would love to get in there and go through all the tools and sporting equipment and holiday decorations that end up in the garage, but weekend commitments keep them from finding the time. Chances are, with youth and professional sports on hold or canceled for the time being and with vacation plans altered, now might be the ideal time to finally get into the garage and clean it thoroughly. 

If you need to find some time by yourself and your house is full of people working from home or taking classes from home or trying to get a sourdough starter going in your kitchen. Enlist the help of willing family members if you want some assistance or don’t tell anyone where you’re going and head to the garage this weekend for some therapeutic garage organizing and bonus alone time. 

Everything You Need Where You Can Find It

No one knows with certainty what kind of summer we should plan for. It seems likely we’ll be spending more time with our family members taking advantage of timeless summer recreational activities like biking, kicking a soccer ball around, kayaking on a lonely lake, or taking walks. We can also plan to enjoy dinners al fresco in our backyards.

While you cleaned the garage, you may have re-discovered some things – maybe you had a croquet or lawn bowling set you haven’t seen in years. Take an inventory of all the things you might put into your summer recreation and family fun rotation: kayaks and paddles, car racks to haul kayaks or bikes, rollerblades, who knows? Get the patio furniture and the grill out of storage in the garage as well and clean them up. You’ll want to be ready to take advantage of outdoor dining at home for a change of scenery any day the weather cooperates. 

Creating Garage Storage

This year, garage storage might be more important than most years, and it’s a great idea to start the summer on the right foot by creating an organized space. Plan for what you need to make your garage storage in 2020 work for you.


Something as simple as installing the right configuration of shelves can clear a lot of clutter. Getting things off the ground and taking advantage of vertical space up the garage walls without creating precarious stacks of stored items is the first step you should take to organize your storage space. The results will encourage you. Wire shelving is easy to plan and install in a lot of different configurations. It’s strong and durable and can be customized with hooks, hanging rods for sports equipment, or things like life jackets for the canoe.

Cabinets and More

If you think now might be the right time to completely reconfigure the garage, look into custom cabinet systems. Like wire shelving, systems can be customized to include what you need: locking cabinets for expensive tools or hazardous chemicals, cubbies and bins for paddles and hockey sticks, a bench to sit and put on rollerblades, whatever you need. 

Cabinet systems can also include a workbench if you have always wanted to spend more time doing projects in your garage. This might be the summer for projects, and an organized workbench with all your tools at your fingertips can help make it happen. 

Vertical Storage

Finally, look up! Don’t forget about using the space above your head. As much space as you’ve got overhead, try to find a way to use it. Anything overhead is not on the garage floor or leaned against the wall waiting for you to open your car door into it or trip on it. There are many different ways to store things vertically, from pulley systems that are perfect for large items like canoes, to a simple but effective series of hooks to hold bicycle tires. Make sure, at the very least, you’re installing shelving systems as high as you can reach with a step stool. Things that are seasonal or waiting for someone to grow into them can be stored in more inconvenient places.

Garage Storage Experts

The options and variety of solutions for organizing your garage can seem overwhelming. Harkraft is here to help, and we’re always willing to share our expertise. We’ve been doing this for years, and we’ll walk you through the entire process. We carry wire shelving and modular cabinet systems and more. Contact us today to get started, and you’ll be thrilled with your garage storage in 2020.