How to Make the Most of Your Mudroom Storage

Even if your entryway or mudroom is small, you can still make it into a functional space. You can get the most value from it by adding the right furniture and accessories for storage. Storage is important because, in addition to their small size, it is easy for mudrooms to become messy; in fact, these rooms may be more susceptible to clutter than any other room in the house. The right additions will help you to keep things organized and help you to overcome clutter.

Plan How to Use Your Mudroom

Before you start looking at storage solutions, you should think carefully about the way that you will use your mudroom. Consider questions like these: will the mudroom be only for family members or will it be the home’s main entrance and exit? How will you use your mudroom in the summer? Do you plan on using the space for laundry as well? It is important to know what you want from the room before you start planning storage for it.  

Install Mudroom Storage Solutions

Mudroom storage options provide you with places to put items like boots, clothing, and umbrellas. Having adequate storage space is the first step towards getting any room organized. Storage options for your mudroom should include vertical shelves that you can use to store items. You should also have a rack on which you can hang wet coats and hats for them to dry. If you have kids, make sure that some of these storage options are low enough for them to reach. Kids may be more likely to hang things up and store them properly if you make it easy for them.  

Mudroom storage provides a specific spot for everything that belongs in your mudroom. By making sure that everything has a place, you can help to keep it from becoming messy.   

Have Places to Sit

Since this room will be used for putting boots on and taking them off, seating will make things easier. You have the option of combining your seating with storage by using wall benches under which you can store items. You can even install benches with drawers under them so that stored items can be kept out of sight.

Use Aesthetically Pleasing Storage Solutions

Remember that as the entryway to your home, your mudroom is important for creating a good first impression. Not only should your home’s entryway be clean and free of clutter, the storage system should be properly designed and fit well with the décor of your home. By choosing a professionally designed and installed storage solution, you can make sure that your mudroom provides the desired impression. The right system will fit well even in oddly shaped rooms.     

Use the Right Flooring

You will want flooring that is easy to clean. Remember, mudrooms have “mud” in the name for a reason; the reason is that will get tracked into your home, especially during fall and winter.  Your mudroom’s floor will get dirty which means that installing carpet should be out of the question. Note that because it is an entry point to your home, it will play a major role in keeping the rest of your home clean. A clean mudroom floor usually means floors in the rest of the home are clean.  

Weatherize Your Mudroom

A mudroom with stable, comfortable temperatures may be a useful space for activities. In addition, reduced humidity keeps stored items like coats and boots from getting mildew.

Light it Properly

Good lighting can help to make the space more functional as you will be better able to find items in a well-lit space. Good lighting is also important for ambiance and creating a good first impression of your home.  

Keep Pets in Mind

The mudroom is the perfect place to store items for your pet. This includes everything from food and water bowls to towels for drying your pet off if they are wet when they come indoors. If your mudroom is big enough, you may even be able to store larger items like a crate or a litter box. If you have pets, choosing an easy-to-clean flooring material is doubly important. You may want to opt for something dark that does not show up dirt.

A mudroom can be convenient if it is designed and used properly. One of the key factors in good mudroom design is to have adequate storage. If you would like to know more about effective mudroom storage, contact us at Harkraft.