How to Choose the Right Bathroom Accessories

There isn’t a lot of flexibility when it comes to the design of the bathroom, especially if you have a smaller-sized bathroom, unless you want to completely remodel it. The main components of the bathroom—toilet, sink and shower—are the way they are; they aren’t changing. Yet, the options are limitless when it comes to how you accessorize the bathroom. You can add in a fuzzy toilet cover, a bright and colorful shower curtain, bright light fixtures, a bathmat with frills, and as much artwork as your heart desires.

We would like to help guide your bathroom design aesthetic — after reading this article, we guarantee that you’ll have no need a bathroom remodel! Find out how to color match and how to choose a design that can impress anyone who sets eyes upon your bathroom.


It’s important to consider what colors you want to use in your bathroom design before you start to buying the accessories for it. Many design specialists recommend choosing no more than three dominant colors in any design; any more than that can make your bathroom appear in bad style.

There is also the issue of choosing colors and patterns that go well together and complement each other — it’s no secret that not every color goes with every other color. Moreover, not every color looks good in a bathroom. Could you imagine a bathroom decorated in neon orange and black?

For bathrooms, it’s best to go with colors that are at least somewhat muted (think earthy colors or shades of black and grey). If you have a favorite color, however, feel free to go all out – within moderation. Just think about how the secondary colors will complement your main color before purchasing any accessories.



A minimalistic bathroom design tends to look sleek but powerful. It isn’t just simple; it’s clean and bold. Every single accessory stands on its on and looks great, even by itself. Minimalistic bathroom design aethetics tend to make the bathroom look more expensive, even if they haven’t been remodeled.


Cozy bathroom design aesthetics have a focus on warm, gentle colors as well as accessories and artwork that are thoughtful and relaxing. They might give you a feeling that you’re back at grandma’s house. Cozy bathroom designs are meant to relax you, your family and your guests.

Chic Contemporary

Chic yet contemporary bathroom designs typically don’t have outlandish colors (think black, white and red) and they focus on the more opulent side of the bathroom. They might have lavish vases wth fresh flowers, plush rugs, gorgeous artwork, or even hanging chandeliers.

Specifics to Consider

Lighting: Contrary to popular belief, bathroom lighting is one of the most important features in the bathroom. A good light fixture can really transform the entire design. Keep in mind that there should always be plenty of light in the bathroom. Choose your light fixtures carefully. For example, recessed lighting or a chandelier can make any bathroom look chic, while a ceiling light that has a warm glow might make a bathroom look cozy. You can also choose to go with a pendant for the more minimalistic or modern design.

Storage: Every bathroom needs plenty of storage because everyone has their own bevy of bathroom toiletries and small bathroom accessories. Bathroom storage can vary; jars, baskets, cabinets, vanities, drawers, chic crates, shelving…the list goes on and on.

The essential curtain, shower mat, towels and more: There is a lot of choices when it comes to these products, but what’s important to keep in mind is to keep it consistent. If you choose a certain pattern or theme, stick with it throughout. If you love beach bathroom accessories, you could add in some really neat decor such as starfish, shells in a jar, beach scenes in your artwork, and etc. — all of which feature the same theme.

Use Moen Accessories to Design Your Bathroom

When you’re designing and accessorizing your bathroom, keep Moen in mind! Moen has many different brands and styles, including (but not limited to) the Contemporary, Aspen, Danbury, and Madison collections.

Here’s a little more about some of the brilliant Moen collections:


Aspen focuses on a more traditional look when it comes to the bathroom. Aspen products feature attractive designs with sleek accents. Not too bold yet not too subtle. It’s great for people who are wanting consistency with but want to keep function in mind.


The contemporary Moen collection focuses on modern every day designs when it comes to its bathroom accessories. Think sleek finishes and a more minimalistic style aesthetic.


The Danbury collection has a firm hold on bold while staying sleek. This collection features an opulent yet traditional design. Products in the Danbury collection also have a classic-looking shiny bronze finish, to give it that extra flair.


This collection has a focus on being refined. It has more unique polish on its products, bold accents and modeled shapes. The Madison collection puts that extra spice into any bathroom design.

Harkraft also carries The Brantford, Eva and Mason collections — all of which you won’t want to miss out on seeing for yourself!

About Harkraft

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