How Lighting Can Be A Game Changer For Your Custom Closets

Some people think of a custom closet as a must-have, while others consider it an indulgence, but no one has ever regretted the addition of a custom closet to their home. While you live in the house, you will enjoy the daily benefits of a beautiful, organized space. When you sell, your sale price will reflect that closet space is always high on home buyer’s lists of wishes.  

Custom Closet Dreams

If you’ve decided to include a custom closet in a new build, a remodeling project, or the retrofit of an unused room or an existing closet, you may be wondering how to get the most reward for your effort. First of all, you should keep in mind that this closet is for you and should reflect the way you’ll use it every day. If you have an enviable shoe collection, be sure to include shelving or display space for your kicks. If you fold most of your clothes, then maximize the horizontal space, whether you chose wire shelving to allow for airflow around your clothes or laminate cabinetry for a more substantial look. Once you’ve spoken to a professional or drawn plans for the closet you’ve always wanted, consider finishing touches such as decor, seating, and, most importantly, lighting.

Lighting Your Custom Closet

This is your closet, and you should consider what you really want to see every time you open the doors or walk into your closet. You should also make sure you can see everything in your closet: all your shoes, all your ties, all the things you keep in the closet. Lighting is often an afterthought, but the difference between keeping the existing overhead light fixture in a custom closet and thoughtfully including a mixture of different types of layered light sources is the difference between, well, night and day.

Ambient Light Sources

Some reach in closets do not even include an overhead light source as built. Make a plan to include a source of light intended to brighten the entire space. Think about creating an even glow to your closet, mimicking daylight. If you’re lucky enough to be working with a closet that includes a window, you’ve got a head start, but don’t forget you’ll need to use the closet at night too. Your ambient light source could be a simple overhead fixture or it could be a little bit of sparkle or sophistication. Consider hanging a chandelier or something that reflects the mood you’d like to convey.

Include Task Lighting

Maybe your custom closet will be so lovely, you’ll want to spend time just enjoying the results, but be sure to plan lighting that reflects what actually takes place in a closet: choosing clothes, putting together outfits and getting dressed. Task lights are, like they sound, light sources specifically designed to make tasks easier. You’ll never know how dark the inside of a drawer can be until you pull open a drawer that’s lit from within. Suddenly, you can tell exactly which back knit shirt you’re looking at, saving time and preventing inevitably selecting the wrong item. Task lighting should work for you to make all the tasks you have to do easier and to prevent eye strain. Consider working with an electrician who can install low-energy LED lights that come on when drawers or cabinet doors are opened. Direct light into corners and toward the back walls. LED ribbon lighting has created exciting possibilities for beautiful task lighting in the recent past. Follow the line of a hanging rod with a diffused ribbon light just above for beauty and efficiency.

Don’t Forget Accent Lighting

Once you’ve created enough ambient light and task lighting sources in your custom closet lighting plan, it’s time to think about accent lighting. If your closet includes built in cabinets, think about accent lighting in the toe kick area, directed toward the floor. Complement this touch with lights on top aimed at the ceiling. If you’ve included an island or display space for jewelry or a collection in your closet, think about installing some lighting to highlight your things. A brightly lit space overall can transform your closet into a specialty boutique that you get to shop in every day. You might love light sources that turn on automatically when the closet door is opened so you never have to reach for a switch in the dark. If you’ve saved space in your custom closet space to display a piece of art, don’t forget to include accent lighting to bring attention to it properly.

Pulling it All Together With Harkraft

Consider the possibilities while designing your custom closet storage with Harkraft. We’ve been working to create beautiful, functional closets for years, and we’re here to help you find your happy closet space. Contact us today to find out how to get started.