Getting Your Home Ready for the Holiday

While all holidays have their own focus, one recurring theme is coming together with friends and family. That might mean that relatives are driving in from out of town, or flying in from halfway across the world. So how can you prepare your home for an endless rotation of visitors this holiday season?

Home décor for holidays goes beyond glittery decorations and twinkling light displays. Harkraft can help with whole-home updates that will get you and your house feeling festive, with or without those holiday lights.

A Posh New Wine Cellar

If you’re hosting the holiday festivities, you’ll likely wind up with more bottles of wine than you know what to do with. Or perhaps you’re the wine connoisseur of the family, and your collection is bursting out of the pantry already. If under-counter or refrigerator storage is insufficient, consider a wine pantry.

If you need to store ten bottles or a thousand, Harkraft has the design and building expertise to create a wine cellar that will have you feeling holiday happy. With climate controls, high-tech refrigeration systems, and expert design advice, your wine cellar will be the envy of the holiday season.

Efficient Bathroom Updates

More guests mean more traffic than usual, and that may be bad news for your dated fixtures. From elaborate shower doors to mirrors that make the whole room feel larger, bathroom updates will take the space from gloomy to inviting. Rather than feel embarrassed about your cramped bathroom, talk to Harkraft and see what’s possible in your space.

Upgrade a few bathroom accessories, or plan a complete renovation with a spa tub and double sinks. Whatever your design needs, Harkraft can deliver the bathroom you’ve wished for since last holiday season. Afterward, you’ll be glad to show your guests the way to the powder room when they need to freshen up.

Expansive Pantry Options

With holiday food prep comes holiday food storage, and if your pantry is crying out for help, an upgrade might be in order. From hidden cubbies where maximizing the space becomes a challenge, to whole rooms with wall to wall shelving, a pantry can change your kitchen experience.

Make it easier to find what you need and eliminate food waste by making over your pantry as a gift to yourself. Then enjoy those delicious holiday meals without worrying about where the spices are.

Enhanced Mudroom Storage

Every home deserves a usable mudroom that lets guests shed their coats, hats, and mittens, and shoes without tripping over everyone else’s winter gear or piling damp coats on the furniture. Stow away everyone’s outdoor must-haves, handbags, and rain boots in style with locker storage, cubbies, or any other design element you desire.

Benches, baskets, and hooks are just a few options, but the only limit is your creativity. With Harkraft’s help, you’ll have a welcoming entryway that’s clear of the winter weather accessories guests bring along, and your own belongings will stow away neatly too.  

Clutter-Free Garage Storage

When the holidays roll around, every city street winds up overrun with cars parallel-parked and often blocking driveways. But with smart garage storage solutions, you can free up valuable real estate for yourself or guests in the garage.

Modular cabinets, wire shelving, and workbenches let you stow tools, chemicals, car maintenance supplies, power tools, and any other items that have taken up residence in the garage. Keeping items off the floor is not only safer for your family and your visitors, but it gives your garage a cleaner look that’s functional too.

Include drawers, tool racks, and floor-to-ceiling or overhead cabinets for clutter

Decorating Home for Holidays

The updates you make to your home in anticipation of the holidays will continue to spread joy year-round as you retrieve a bottle of wine from the cellar, relax in your new bathtub, search for snacks in the pantry, welcome guests and take their coats, or park in your spacious garage.

When you no longer have to worry about the functionality of your home, the dated décor, or the fixtures that have broken, you’ll be free to enjoy the holiday season and the family and friends that make it meaningful.