Garage Storage Tips for Spring Cleaning

When the weather turns warmer, spring cleaning fever hits. This year, why not make your garage one of the first areas you organize? Figuring out how to organize your garage and maximize your garage storage can be overwhelming, but with help, it’s much easier.

Decluttering the Garage

Garage storage cabinets

Although in theory it’s easy to tell yourself you’re going to declutter the garage, when it comes down to actually doing it, it’s not always that easy. Doubts like “Well, I might need this someday,” or “I know this screw belongs to something—I’ll keep it just in case” start to creep in, and you end up keeping more junk than you really need.

Don’t Do It Alone

One way to combat this problem is to team up with a decluttering professional who understands how to help you let go of things you don’t need and can help you organize your stuff with a garage storage system.

An experienced processional can take an objective look at your garage, help you figure out what types of garage storage cabinets or wall racks that you need, and assist with the installation of your garage storage system.

Getting outside help—whether professional or through a friend—helps you look at your garage storage from a different perspective. How can you maximize the space to make your garage feel less cluttered? How can you reorganize or label items to help you find what you need without digging through piles of junk?

Organize with Garage Storage Systems

Garage cabinets

The garage is often a place where things go when you don’t need them anymore or you don’t use them very often. Creating a specific place for your items by using a garage storage system will make it more likely that you’ll keep things in their place—which makes it easier to find them the next time you need them.

Decluttering the garage with a professional organizer or friend helps take some of the stress out of spring cleaning the garage. You no longer have to do it alone. Plus you can get great advice on garage storage systems that make you want to keep your garage organized and clean!

Garage Storage Systems

Need a garage storage system to help you get organized this spring? Harkraft can help. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our garage storage cabinets, wall racks, and installation services. Give us a call at (763) 544-4478 or contact us online to request a free consultation! See our garage storage gallery for ideas of how you can organize your space.