Organize Tools with a Garage Storage System

Garage storage cabinets

Your hammer could be in the garage, the laundry room or somewhere in the basement. Sound familiar? Tools are easy to lose unless you have a solid garage organizing system to keep them in their place.

1. Group your tools together.

There’s no arguing that it can be intimidating to look at your tools and think about organizing them, but just go for it. Take the hammer out of the storage closet, grab the tape measure out of the basement, and empty out the miscellaneous drawer of tools in the garage. Now that they’re out, you can organize them by hand, with power tools and accessories together or by any grouping that makes sense to you.

2. Plan out your garage organizer system.

Once you actually have everything sorted in groups and can see what you have, think about the most effective way to put them back. A garage organizer system can help you group tools together with shelving, cabinets, and drawers. For your larger tools, it’s worth considering hanging them on the wall to make the best use of the space you have. Having a garage cabinet system with drawers is ideal since you can completely close your tools off and protect them from dust, water and other elements in your garage. If you have a tighter budget, another idea is to install wire garage shelving and get containers to put your tools in. See our garage storage photos for more ideas.

3. Keep tools in their place.

Before you put your tools back after using them, take advantage of the opportunity to wipe down the dirty ones before you put them back. Just having a garage organizer system isn’t enough to keep you organized; you need to get in the habit of putting things back in their place! Be diligent about always putting tools away after you use them. At first this might be challenging, but once you make it a routine, you’ll be glad you don’t have to waste 10 minutes searching for a tool that was right under your nose.

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