Garage Organization Tips


When people update and organize their houses they often put off the garage. However, an unorganized garage can lead to frustration when items becoming increasingly harder to find. Here are 5 ways to improve the organization of your garage.

1. Cabinets: Cabinets in the garage offer tremendous value when it comes to organization. They improve the look of your garage by hiding away all of the odds and ends. Cabinets also make it easier to find items that might be scattered around the garage otherwise.

2. Hanging: Make sure and utilize the vertical space in your garage. You can use racks, hooks, baskets, and bins to hang anything from bikes to brooms.

3. Bins: Bins are great to store all of the kids toys and large miscellaneous items in the garage. You can either hang them from walls with hooks or simply store them on the floor of your garage.

4. Tools: Organizing the tools in your garage will make them easier to find.

5. Labeling: Don’t underestimate the power of a label. Label all of your storage so that you never forget which drawer the nails are in.