Garage Organization Tips for Spring

Now that spring is here, homeowners are getting the spring cleaning bug. Whether you’re clearing out the garage for a rummage sale or just tired of tripping over rollerblades and bikes, here are a few garage organization tips to declutter your space.

Garage organization

1. Sort out your stuff.

The first step in cleaning and organizing the garage is to get rid of items you no longer need. Throw out broken items and set aside anything you want to sell or donate. If you have a lot of items to get rid of and you’re up for the task, organize a garage sale to get rid of clutter and earn some extra cash in the process.

2. Designate storage areas.

By keeping certain items together, you’ll have an easier time finding what you need in the garage. Designate storage areas for gardening supplies, sports gear, tools, yard items, automotive supplies, and other equipment.

3. Use wall space.

Since garage storage in most homes is pretty tight, it pays to use all the space you can find. Wall racks, shelves and hooks help you make the most of your wall space. A garage rack for tools above your workbench makes it easy to keep tools within reach as you need them.

Garage cabinets

4. Organize with garage cabinets.

Garage cabinets keep your garage organized by storing items out of sight and grouping similar items together. They can also give your garage a more professional look. A combination of garage cabinets, wall racks, shelving, and hooks gives you a place to store almost any type of item.

5. Use the ceiling.

Need more storage space in your garage? Look up. Rafters and ceiling hooks are a great way to store items that you don’t need very often. It also keeps them out of the way and leaves more space for vehicles, lawn mowers, and other equipment that you need to store on the floor. Storing items in the rafters or hanging from the ceiling is a great way to keep seasonal items out of the way, such as storing bikes in the winter or a toboggan in the summer.

Garage Cabinets and Wall Racks

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