Easy Bathroom Upgrades on a Budget

In some families, the bathroom is the only space available for solitude. Why not make it a relaxing, spa-like place where you can enjoy a long, hot bath or just a few minutes of peace and quiet? Thankfully, there are ways to make your bathroom into a spa-like retreat without breaking the bank. Here are 6 tips for easy bathroom upgrades on a budget.

1. Frame the bathroom mirror.
Bathroom mirrorWhile the iconic plate-glass wall mirror is a staple in most bathrooms, it’s also one of the easiest places to upgrade your bathroom to spa design standards. A framed bathroom mirror adds a touch of luxury to an otherwise plain, drab room. You can either add a frame to your existing bathroom mirror or replace it with a brand new framed bathroom mirror. Choose the frame that matches the look you want in your bathroom, whether that’s rustic, modern, retro, or classic.

2. Upgrade your shower head.
Simply swapping out your old shower head with a new one—such as a rainfall shower head or a combination overhead and handheld shower system—can make your bathroom feel like an indulgent place to be. Just make sure the shower head works with your existing plumbing system. Re-plumbing can be an expensive project.

3. Install a towel warmer.
If you’re reluctant to turn off the hot shower and step out into the colder air, ease the transition with a hot towel warmer. You can purchase a towel warmer rack or a small towel warmer cabinet to heat up towels just before your shower.

4. Paint the walls.
It’s amazing how much difference a fresh coat of paint can make! Choose a light color to make a small bathroom feel larger. White walls make your bathroom feel super clean and reflect the natural light from windows. Use colored towels for an accent.

5. Update the décor.
Do you still have the same seashell décor from 10 years ago in your bathroom? Time for some new décor. Browse the archives at HGTV.com or Houzz for the latest bathroom decorating trends.

6. Match your fixtures.
By using the same fixtures and accents throughout your bathroom, you create a seamless, designer look that pulls your bathroom décor together. Use matching towel bars, cabinet handles, hooks, light fixtures, faucets, and other hardware. The more you can match, the more pulled-together your bathroom will look.

Framed Bathroom Mirrors
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