Designing Your Master Bathroom for Your New Home Build

Designing a new home is both exhilarating and overwhelming. But with the immense responsibility that comes with making big decisions for your future home, you also hold the key to your comfort and enjoyment of that home for decades to come.

A key part of your home is the master bathroom, which will offer utility but also an oasis inside your bedroom. Here we’ll share advice for designing the best bathroom for your new house, from the first day of construction to that “wow” moment when the work finishes.

New Construction Considerations

One advantage of designing your own master bath from the ground up is the ability to customize nearly every element of the room. From the fixtures, mirrors, and bathroom accessories, to critical features like shower doors and color palettes, you are the creator of this personal space.

Working with Harkraft gives you control over the design process, while also providing the support you need to make the right decisions the first time around. Rather than start over in a few years, carefully plan your new space with the future in mind.

Budget constraints are a key focal point for many people embarking on the construction of a new home, so sketching out a budget for each room is helpful for keeping finances in line. At the same time, if a particular piece speaks to you, it may be worth the splurge for the long-term enjoyment you will glean from it throughout your time in your new home.

How to Choose Bathroom Materials

Deciding whether to install a shower and tub combination, a spa bath, or a shower stall only is one of the first considerations for your new bathroom. Think about the space available in your floorplan as well as where necessary elements like windows and doors will go.

Then, consider the main function of your bathroom. Dual sinks, a spa tub with jets, wall-to-wall mirrors, or separate rooms for the toilet and shower facilities are a few options. Teaming up with design experts will help you narrow down your choices based on the floorplan of the home, but your influence will dictate the result.

List the must-haves for your new home’s master bathroom to highlight your priorities for the room. Consider form and function, but let yourself get excited about unique elements and the stylistic elements that speak to you.

When it’s time to shop for the essentials- accessories and bath accommodations- you’ll have a general idea of how you want your space to look and feel. That will help you to stay focused on the bigger picture, particularly when the existing bathroom is no more than a blank canvas.

Bathroom Accessories

Choose any Moen collection, and Harkraft can custom order it to your specifications. Bathroom faucets, shower heads, lighting, accessibility needs, and other bathroom accessories provide the utility you need in the style and finish that suits you and your space.

From traditional to contemporary, Moen’s collections span every conceivable style choice. Mix and match accessories or finishes to suit your style, or go with one complete set throughout. Regardless, you can trust Moen for quality and function throughout the life of your master bath.

Shower Doors

Ornate and functional shower doors for any size and shape shower give you creative control over your bathing experience. A traditional shower and tub combination, a spa tub with door entry, or a shower stall in a rectangle, square, or another shape can have shower doors that will wow you.

The type of shower or bath you choose can fit the shape and specifications of your bathroom’s floorplan, but it can also meet your desire for comfort and safety. Hinged doors with invisible pivot points, patterned or textured glass, frosted glass, and spa element shower heads are just a few options with Harkraft’s shower door options.

Partnering with Harkraft

The only true limits to your new home construction are your creative vision and your budget, two elements that Harkcraft has plenty of experience with. Whether you need new shower doors installed, a full set of bathroom accessories, or even storage solutions for your master bath, there’s a design solution that will meet your needs.