Wine Storage Tips for Custom Wine Cellars

If the thought of wine storage conjures up images of dusty cellars and cobwebs, it’s time for a reality check. Modern wine storage racks and wine storage cabinets are centerpiece conversations rather than eyesores that you’ll want to hide in the basement.

Custom wine cellars

Here are some of our best tips on wine storage and custom wine cellars.

1. Decide how much wine storage space you need.
How many bottles of wine will you be storing, and how long will you need to store them? The more wine you collect, the more storage space you’ll need—especially if you let the wine age for several months or years. If you buy in bulk, you’ll also need more storage space.

2. Create optimal wine storage conditions.
Climate controlled wine storage is the key to keeping your wine at its best. Too much heat, sunlight, or humidity can ruin the flavor and shorten the longevity of your wine. Custom wine cellars are the best place to store your collection, since they are climate controlled and store the wine on its side. Wine stores best when chilled (45-65 degrees Fahrenheit), slightly humid (50-80% humidity), and kept in a dark area.

If you drink your wine soon after buying it, however, you probably won’t need to worry about climate-controlled wine storage.

3. Know your style: practical or elegant.
Wine connoisseurs often take pride in how their wine is displayed as well as in sharing it with guests. Custom wine cellars with wine storage cabinets and racks create the perfect display area for your collection.

If you’re the practical type, you can store more bottles of wine in a compact space with a more basic wine rack design.

4. Choose storage space for different size bottles.
Remember that wine, champagne, and magnum bottles all come in different sizes. You’ll need to make sure your wine racks and cabinets are able to accommodate several different bottle sizes.

Wine storage racks

5. Consider entertaining in your wine cellar.
Custom wine cellars can be a perfect spot to entertain guests and host a wine tasting party. With the right climate conditions, intimate seating, and beautifully crafted wine storage cabinets and racks, you can host a party right in your wine cellar.

For a special touch, add indirect lighting and a mirror to reflect the space and make it appear larger than it is. Overhead glass racks also add to the aesthetic appeal of your custom wine cellar.

Custom Wine Cellars
Harkraft designs and builds custom wine cellars for anyone from the casual wine lover to the elite connoisseur. We can build custom wine cabinets and racks and climate-controlled wine coolers to fit your storage space.

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