3 Tricks for Using Wall Mirrors in Your Home Decor

Bathroom mirrors
Use bathroom mirrors to make a small space feel larger.

A wall mirror or custom mirror can transform the ambiance of any room in your home. Mirrors can make a space appear larger, add style and create brighter lighting.

Here are a few tricks to use mirrors to your advantage.

Trick #1: Make small rooms feel larger.

Although you may not actually be able to make your bathroom any bigger, you can make it look that way. If you have a floor length bathroom mirror and place it horizontally, this will visually elongate the wall, while placing it on the floor will create a higher ceiling because of the way the eye follows the rectangular shape. The more mirrors you have in your space, the larger it will appear, so try to go for the biggest mirror appropriate for the room or else layer a few smaller mirrors. Finally, break up clutter with mirrors by placing them on shelves or crowded book cases.

Trick #2: Show your style with custom mirror decor.

A custom mirror can be the statement piece of a room. There are a ton of fun DIY tricks to making a mirror the central art of the room. You can frame them, make a mirror wall, and decorate them with a variety of simple, everyday items. A mirror can also accentuate your favorite part of a room; for example, if you have an amazing outdoor view, place the wall mirror directly across from it so that you get the view twice.

Trick #3: Brighten a room with mirrors.

Don’t forget a mirror’s basic purpose: to reflect light. Placing a mirror behind a candle or lamp will move the light across the room. Placing a wall mirror across from a window will bring more natural light into a room. If you have a hallway or bathroom with no windows, adding a mirror to the ceiling or upper wall can create an illusion of a window. Remember, the larger the mirror, the more light it reflects. Always get your mirrors professionally cut and installed to fit a space.

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