Closet Wire Shelving: Simple, Dependable, Cost-Effective

Closets are the perfect place to flex your organizational muscles. There are tons of storage units, but none can compete with closet wire shelving.Your closet will look less cluttered, store more, and require less maintenance when you make the switch to wire shelving units! Not convinced yet? Read on to learn why every homeowner should have wire shelving in their closets. 

Why You Need Closet Wire Shelving 

There are a lot of arguments for why wire is the superior material for closet shelving units. We’re going to walk you through the three main reasons, along with some of the best ways to use closet wire shelving units. 


Wire shelves are the most versatile storage choice out there! They come in many sizes and shapes and are easily customizable to work for your unique needs. At Harkraft, we offer two color options for our wire shelves, white and black, so they’re guaranteed to match with any home decor.

You can use wire racks for closets in virtually any room in your home. These work wonders in kitchen pantry closets for storing and organizing food, bedroom closets for keeping shoes and keepsakes in their rightful places and work perfectly for storing linen in large hall closets.

It’s also easy enough to add on to your wire shelves to enhance their storage abilities. Adding a simple hanging rack gives you additional storage to hang your favorite outfits, and attaching some PVC cut-outs gives you an aesthetic place to store your extra shoes alongside the other keepsakes on your shelves.


Homeowners looking to update their closet storage want to choose a material that’s dependable. You don’t want to spend money and time on tedious repairs down the road, and you won’t have to worry about that when you choose wire shelving. 

Wire shelving is rust-proof, resistant to strain, and can hold up to 75lbs per foot. You’ll be able to fill your units with plenty of heavy and bulky items, which frees up space in the rest of your closet. 

Most shelves are made of a type of wood or plastic, and both materials are prone to environmental damage. Moisture and humidity easily damage these materials, but wire shelving won’t be affected by either. 


An understandable concern many homeowners struggle with when taking on any project is the cost. With wire shelves, you only need to spend a couple hundred dollars to get enough units to fill a large walk-in closet! Even homeowners looking for custom shelving will benefit from choosing wire shelves because the material costs are so low. 

Another benefit of this material is its simplistic design makes it easy to keep clean. You’ll spend less of your valuable time cleaning closet wire shelving than you would with shelves made of any other material. If you’re looking for a versatile, stylish, and dependable material to revamp your home’s closet storage without breaking the bank, then you can’t go wrong with wire shelving. 

Update Your Closet Wire Shelving With Harkraft

We have wire shelving that will work with closets of any size, and we offer two color options to suit your aesthetic. Update your home’s closet storage with wire units that save you money, time, and are easily customizable. Contact us today to get started!