Closet Organization: Where to Start

Closet organizers

The start of a new year is one of the best times to organize your closet. Clearing out clutter and old T-shirts that you never wear can help you approach the new year with a lighter spirit and give you the courage to tackle other goals—such as cleaning out the garage.

One of the biggest problems with closet organization is figuring out where to start. Too much stuff and too little room can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

1. Start small.

Although most experts recommend pulling everything out of your closet to get started, if seeing everything in huge piles on the floor makes you want to throw your hands up and quit, maybe it’s a better idea to cut the project into chunks. You also have to keep in mind that other interruptions might come up in the middle of your project, forcing you to leave everything as it is until another day. That’s not a mess most people want to live with.

If your closet is too big or too crowded to tackle in one day, break down your organizing project into smaller sections. Tackle the hanging clothes one day, the shoes another day, and accessories last. Set small goals to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed.

2. Decide which closet organizers you need.

Everyone has different taste when it comes to what fills their closet. If you’re a shoe diva, look for shoe organizers that fit your needs. If you love accessories, look for closet organizers that can handle scarves, belts, and wraps.

Closet organizers help you stay organized by providing a specific place to put specific pieces of clothing or accessories. You’ll also know right where to find them when you need them, and they’ll be more accessible. The more you can see and access what’s in your closet, the more likely you will be to wear it.

3. Set a date.

In order to go from “someday I need to clean out this closet” to actually cleaning out your closet, it helps to set a date and stick with it. Make it official. If you know it’s going to take more than one day, choose several dates. Then make it fun. Put on some music, grab a glass of wine, and make a party out of it.

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