Closet Design Ideas for the Bedroom

Wish it was easier to find things in your closet? Mixing and matching outfits, choosing accessories, and keeping your shoes in order is a whole lot easier with the right bedroom closet design. Here are a few closet design ideas to make dressing and organizing faster and easier.

Bedroom closet design

1. Measure the closet first.
Before you go out and start buying closet accessories, you’ll need to make sure they fit first. Get out the tape measure and depth, width, and height of your bedroom closet. This will help you plan out how much shelving, rods, and accessories you can fit in your closet. If you are ordering closet shelving through Harkraft, we can measure your closet for you.

2. Plan out your closet design.
To make sure your closet is exactly what you want, you’ll need to figure out how much storage space you need for clothing and other items and which items you want to store in your closet. If you have lots of shoes, you’ll want to install a shoe rack on the floor or over the door. You might want to install shelving for folded clothes, hats, sweaters, jeans, or blankets. Use baskets to keep socks, scarves, underclothes, and smaller items together.

If you have mostly hanging space in your closet and you plan to install shelving, measure your clothes first to make sure you have enough rod space to fit all of your clothing. This is also a good time to purge old clothes that you don’t wear anymore or that are stained or torn.

3. Sketch out your closet design.
If you want to go all out, find a closet design professional to help you plan and organize your bedroom closet. If you’re the do-it-yourself type, you can sketch out your own closet design ideas. Harkraft offers custom shelving and accessories that you can install yourself, without the hassle of cutting them down to the right size.

4. Choose the materials.
Most closet designs include either Rubbermaid wire shelving or solid shelves (usually particle board). Wire shelves are easy to adjust, and they give you the option of hooking hangers and other items through the wire slats. Solid shelving is slightly more expensive but offers a professional appearance and aesthetic appeal.

5. Choose your closet accessories.
Closet accessories add both design and function. Tie racks, belt racks, travel rods, closet valets, and baskets add a customized touch to your closet design. They also make it easier to find accessories and keep small items together in one place.

Closet Design Minneapolis
Harkraft offers custom closet design ideas, supplies, and installation in Minneapolis and the surrounding area. We can help you build the closet of your dreams! Contact us at (763) 544-4478 or online to find out more or to schedule a free closet design consultation.