Four Ways to Choose the Style of Your Home Remodel

The decision to remodel your home is a big one! It’s exciting, and it can feel so momentous you could easily find yourself hesitating at the starting line, too afraid to make a decision you’ll regret in the future. It’s a lot of pressure to try to realize your dreams. People spend a lot of time at home, and it should feel like a sanctuary from the outside world, so take the time to set the tone you envision, and you’ll be happy to come home every day to your remodeled space.

Gather Ideas

This is your opportunity to create your dream home, so cast the net wide in your search for inspiration and ideas. Get all the shelter magazines and pore over them. Look at websites like Houzz and Remodelista. Spend some time on Instagram, perusing the feeds of designers and retailers you admire as well as your most stylish friends and acquaintances. Put together a vision board or mood board, a Pinterest page or simply gather fabric swatches, paint samples, photos, and objects that set the mood you’re going for and help you communicate and form your ideas. 

Chose Something That Inspires You

Consider adding a knockout “wow” piece to individual rooms in your home remodel. Bathrooms can be planned to bring attention to a standout furniture-style vanity. Walk-in closets can feature an eye-catching lounge chair that would never work in your living room or an over-the-top light fixture or maybe both will really make the room pop.

Don’t forget the often-neglected spaces where you’ll spend a lot of time, such as the laundry room or a kid’s playroom. Create an accent wall with luxe wallpaper to make folding laundry a little more fun or install brightly colored custom storage, so all the toys and games are at the fingertips of your little ones. 

Keep a sample or photo of the item that will guide you with your other materials and reference it when you make decisions to keep yourself heading in the right direction.

Consider How You Will Use the Space

Whether you’re remodeling the kitchen, the bedroom or bathroom, refinishing the basement from scratch or remodeling some combination of rooms, you surely have a reason for undertaking a renovation project. Something about how the space served your family previously wasn’t quite right, and now is the chance to ensure the remodeled space will be perfectly matched to your needs. 

If you long to entertain large groups of people, make room in your kitchen for large serving dishes and as many place settings as you can fit around the table. Plan shelving to store extra glassware so you’re ready for parties and consider creating custom pantry storage so that you’ll always know what you have on hand whenever company comes to call.

Families with kids are always fighting a clutter battle of some kind or another. Small kids mean toys underfoot and older kids need a drop zone for backpacks and sports equipment so it stays out of your living room. Mudroom and entryway storage is essential. Create custom solutions for baseball bats to basketball shoes to multiple backpacks because when everything has a place, it’s more likely to end up there.

Bring Your Vision To Life

Consider bringing in a professional to help you translate your vision to reality. Designers have the benefit of experience and an eye for what will work in a space. You might not see how you can create the custom pantry with room for both climate-controlled wine storage and grandma’s delicate wedding china. Still, a professional will see the space differently – utilizing vertical space and often unused dead space. 

Choose finishing touches that continue to tell the story you imagined. Don’t lose sight of your goal at the end. If your bathroom remodel conjures a vision of your favorite vacation spot, be sure to bring in potted plants that you’d find in that locale. Soften the impact of attention-grabbing chrome fixtures with muted accessories and plush fabrics.

Don’t forget home finishing touches like a mirror in your closet or entryway. You’ll want to check your outfit on the way out of the closet and do a quick check before heading out the door. Install custom shelving wherever you’ll need to store things because you’ll never regret having too much storage. 

Call On the Experts

A partner who knows the ropes can be instrumental in helping you realize your home remodeling vision. Harkraft has been working with homeowners and professionals for decades, and we love to share our experience with you. Contact us today to talk about custom home storage and the finishing touches to complete your projects.