Should I Buy a Wine Cellar Kit or Build Custom?

Having your own home wine cellar is something many people only dream of and we all know that they can get expensive depending on the size of your wine collection and style preferences. Wine cellar kits can be a great option for starting out, especially if you only have a small amount of space for your wine to be stored. That being said, investing in a custom build wine cellar could also benefit you in a lot of ways. Take a look at the benefits of both options before jumping on one bandwagon or the other.

Wine Cellar Kit

Wine cellar kits are becoming increasingly popular as of late, but what exactly do they entail? There are several benefits to choosing a wine cellar kit, especially if you are looking for something that is a more affordable option, but like any product on the market there can be some negatives to them, as well.


Wine cellar kits are often a more affordable option to the sometimes pricey custom builds. You are able to pick and choose what you want and build on to it at your own pace. This can be a huge benefit if you have a smaller space at the moment and don’t have room to add on or convert a bigger room into a wine cellar.

They Aren’t Permanent

A benefit to a wine kit for someone who isn’t completely on board with a custom wine cellar is that they don’t have to be permanent fixtures in your home. This way, if for some reason down the road you want to get rid of it, you are able to do so easily. This can also be a benefit if you decide you want to relocate your collection to a different area of your house or if you decide to move and want to take it with you.

A Kit Can Look Custom

If you select the right kit, it can look like a custom wine cellar. This can be especially true if you have a larger room and more space to add more wine racks and walls. You can find kits that are made out of higher end wood selections such a mahogany, giving you a custom, elegant feel.

Downfalls of a Wine Kit

While there may be quite a few benefits to choosing the wine kit route, there can be some negatives, as well.

    • Your wine won’t be humidity or temperature controlled. If you are someone who wants to have your wine in a temperature and humidity controlled climate, then a wine cellar kit may not be the best option.
    • You’re limited in the amount of wine that can be stored. Unless you are continually adding on to your kit, you are going to be limited in what you can store. Not only in the amount of bottles, but in the types of bottles, too. If your wine cellar isn’t humidity or temperature controlled, you’re limited to storing bottles that only require a short amount of aging.


  • Your sizing is limited. Even with some of the largest wine kits, heights and size dimensions are limited with a wine kit. A custom cellar allows for complete customization on the dimensions.


Custom Wine Cellar

Custom wine cellars are something that many people dream of having in their home. There are several benefits to creating a custom cellar, but there can also be a couple of drawbacks.

Humidity and Temperature Controlled

A huge benefit to having a custom wine cellar is that they are often temperature and humidity controlled. This will allow you to expand your wine collection to wines that may take longer to age, but need a controlled climate or even just preserving your wines as long as possible.

Adds Value to Your Home

A wine cellar can no doubt add value to your home. More and more home buyers are looking for something that makes a home stand out, and with an increase in wine drinking over the years a wine cellar can do just that. A wine cellar can give home buyers the feel of an upgraded, more luxurious lifestyle, thus increasing the selling price of your home and making the investment worth it.

Customization to Your Specific Wants and Needs

Arguably the number one benefit of having a custom wine cellar is that you can create it to be exactly what you want and need. With a custom cellar, you can work with a professional who will be able to create exactly the kind of design and space you need for your specific situation. They are professionals, after all, and are able to help with size and dimension issues, selecting the right type of wood, and determining the best climate control system, all while giving you your dream cellar.

Downfalls of a Custom Wine Cellar

Just like a wine kit, a custom wine cellar can have some negatives, as well.


  • They can  be expensive. There’s no doubt that anything you decide to have custom made will be more expensive than buying your regular old run of the mill product on the market. This can be a reason that many people don’t invest in a custom wine cellar, which can make a wine kit a great, low-budget option.
  • They are permanent in your home. A wine cellar is typically a permanent fixture or room in your home. If you don’t believe that you’ll want it there forever, or for as long as you live in your house, then perhaps a wine kit that is less permanent is a better choice.


Custom Wine Cellars from Harkraft

A wine cellar kit might be a great choice for a smaller space and limited budget, but if you want to build your dream custom wine cellar that no one else has, Harkraft can help! A wine cellar can increase the value of your home, all while creating the perfect oasis for those nights you just want to wind down or entertain guests. With our experience, Harkraft can build a wine cellar with any budget that is fit for 20 bottles or 200. Whatever your preference is, don’t wait to get started and contact us today!