The Very Best Places in Your House to Use Wire Shelving

Getting your house in order can feel so good. Looking around your kitchen, your linen closet, or your garage and seeing streamlined, organized spaces can help create a sense of satisfaction and calm. It can be challenging to know where to get started, but one element that ends up in most organizing plans is well thought-out custom shelving. Installing shelving planned to fit your space takes advantage of vertical space, odd corners, and every inch of storage space you can create.

Benefits of Wire Shelving

If the idea of installing custom shelving systems in your closets and storage spaces sounds time-consuming or expensive, don’t let that idea keep you from reclaiming your space. Wire shelving is a versatile, inexpensive, and durable solution that adapts to many storage scenarios. 

Wire shelving is easy to measure for and to install and can hold 75 pounds per square foot, so you can pile on the storage containers without worrying. Low maintenance and low profile, wire shelving systems are custom-designed shelving without the high price tag, but, indeed, wire shelving might not be well-suited to public-facing areas of your house. There are spots in your home where strategic use of wire shelving can be a great use of renovation or organizing budget.


Open any closet in your house, and chances are good you wish it was more organized. Wire shelving is made for closets. Many standard reach-in closets are originally equipped with only a hanging rod and upper shelf. Take your wardrobe out of the closet or all the jackets and shoes if it’s the coat closet that needs an update. Think about how you use the closet. How much hanging space do you need? Do you need bins or hooks for mittens and hats or floor to ceiling shelves in half the closet for your folded denim and sweaters. Out of season clothes can be stored out of convenient reach to take advantage of vertical space.

A walk-in closet without a shelving system is pure potential. It can be intimidating to equip a blank walk-in closet space with the organizing system you need, and wire shelving is a great place to start. Measure the space and imagine the possibilities. Outfitting a walk-in closet with a wire shelving system creates a custom solution without breaking the bank. 

Kitchen and Pantry

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and it’s perhaps more aptly described as the family’s command center. Everything happens in the kitchen, and it needs to be organized. Space inside cabinets can most likely be refined by adding risers to double the usable space in tall cabinets. Pull out shelving in deep cabinets makes using all the square footage possible. 

A kitchen pantry is high on many wish lists. Wire shelving is ideal for pantry spaces because it’s low profile, low maintenance, and easy to wipe clean. Include spice racks or attractive market bins or baskets to create an instagram-worthy pantry that also makes cooking and cleaning up easy.

Storage Rooms

Storage rooms are easy to neglect. By definition, they are often spaces we go into infrequently and close the door on the rest of the time. Even your storage room could use an update that would make digging out of the holiday decorations much less stressful. Storage rooms are an ideal place to install shelves just right for the totes or boxes you use. Go higher than you can reach and store lighter containers of seldom-used items off the floor and out of the way. Shelving means you won’t have to move three boxes to get to the bottom every time you’re looking for something, because the thing you’re looking for is always at the bottom!


Most people ask their garage to do a lot. We store the lawnmower and snowblower, outdoor sports gear, bikes for the family, and, hopefully, room to park the cars. If you’re threading your way through an obstacle course of hockey goals, the garbage cart, and a scooter to get to your car every morning, you’re probably looking for a way to make the garage more efficient

The key to garage storage is to get everything off the ground. Line the walls with wire shelving in the depth and variety that best accommodates your storage needs. Add hooks and bins to keep sporting equipment out of the way. Just like indoors, use all the vertical space you can get. Many items stored in the garage are seasonal and won’t need to be accessed frequently, making those items, such as holiday decorations, great candidates for storage that’s high overhead. 

Explore the Possibilities

Wire shelving can create or enhance the storage options in many spots in your home. Figuring out the configuration or finding the perfect arrangement might seem like a big job. Harkraft has been helping homeowners create storage solutions with wire shelving for a long time, and we’re always available to help see the possibilities. Contact us today to learn more about wire shelving or to get started on a project.