Best Pantry Organizers for Your Kitchen

Pantry organizers

Tired of rummaging through stacks of jars, boxes, and spices in your pantry? Maybe it’s time for a pantry makeover. With a well-organized pantry, you can get your cooking done faster, plan meals according to what you have stored in your pantry, and feel better about the way your kitchen is organized.

Use these organization tips to choose the best pantry organizers for your kitchen.

Door and Wall Racks

If your pantry has a full-sized door or even a narrow full-length cabinet door, you can use door racks and wall racks to organize spices, bottles, and small jars. A door or wall rack also provides space to hang aprons, shopping bags, and other items.

A wire wall rack is lightweight, easy to clean, and inexpensive. Choose the rack you want based on the type of items you want to store there, such as spices, bottles, or paper goods.

Pantry Shelves

The more items you store in the pantry, the more shelving you’ll need to make all of the items easy to access. Adjustable wire shelves allow you to move the shelving up or down as needed, depending on the size of containers you want to store on each shelf. You can also take out shelves or add additional shelves as needed.

Shelf Organizers

Pantry shelf organizers make it easier to see what’s in your pantry and be able to access items without having to move other items to get to what you want.

Store the items that you use most often towards the front of your pantry at eye level. Keep items that you use only occasionally towards the back of the pantry and up at the top or down at the bottom. That way you won’t have to crouch or get a stool to access items you use often.

Wire baskets and wire cabinet organizers allow you to add additional shelving without remodeling your pantry. These wire pantry organizers are see-through so that you know exactly what’s in each basket or drawer without opening each one. Choose a wire cabinet organizer with drawers for even more convenience.

Spice Racks

How many times have you bought a jar of spices just to come home and find two more jars of the same spice tucked away in the back of your pantry? Spices are easy to lose, and they’re small enough to get lost amidst larger containers and boxes.

A spice rack dedicated solely to your collection of spices makes it easier to find, use, and replace spices without any hassle. You can choose a wall spice rack or tiered spice rack depending on your personal preference and the layout of your pantry.

Pantry Organizers Minneapolis

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