The Best Moen Products for Your Bathroom

Moen is the top faucet brand in North America, but the company also offers timeless styles for every fixture in your bathroom and kitchen. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, Moen bathroom products should top your list of must-haves.

Why Choose Moen?

You could visit a local home improvement or hardware store and pick bathroom fixtures off a display, but you may regret it later when design flaws expose themselves or you’re packing the item back into a box to return.

Making design decisions for a room that your family uses multiple times per day seems like a daunting task, but with Moen’s design inspiration and their unsurpassed quality, the process gets a little easier.

Moen Bathroom Products

Moen’s full line of bathroom products cover everything from the sink faucet to shower heads and spa accessories, to light fixtures and safety solutions. Their residential and commercial lines cover every possible need for Harkraft’s customers.

Here are the products that make Moen a one-stop shop for not just bathrooms, but kitchens too.


Bathroom sinks, tubs and showers, and even bidet faucets cover every water source in your bathroom. Regardless of the size or spacing of your current faucet, Moen has a replacement product that adds to the overall design appeal of your new space.

Faucets with dual handles, single handles, and wall mount tub faucets accommodate your single or double sinks and bathtubs. Whether your focus is functional or style-centered, you’ll find the right fit in a range of styles and finishes.

For bath fixtures, shower-only, tub and shower, Roman, and tub filling faucets give you endless customization options. Plus, you can stick with one finish for the entire room, or choose complementary finishes for each fixture.

Shower and Spa

Odds are, before you embarked on this bathroom renovation journey, you probably didn’t realize how many options existed for the shower or bath. Moen bathroom products include standard fixed and handheld showers, but also rainshower shower heads, shower rods and rings, and spa system components.

With Harkraft and Moen, the relaxing spa experience can come into your master bathroom with ease. Even basic fixtures offer timeless style and handy function, but Moen also offers modern amenities like smartphone-controlled shower options.

A range of shower head types let you customize your daily experience, and there’s a style that suits every taste. From the 90 Degree Collection, which features a square showerhead, to the Magnetix shower head that uses magnets to stow away, you can find the amenities you need and work with Harkraft to perfect your bathroom upgrade.


When you begin any home improvement project, there are usually small items that come up when you least expect it. Moen bathroom accessories cover those oft-forgotten items like towel bars, shower rods, toilet tank levers, knobs, and even shelves.

Whether you start with the bath as the centerpiece or design your bathroom around a favorite drawer pull style, there are endless ways to combine pieces that result in a fashion-forward room that just works.


Forget fluorescent bulbs that wash you out: Moen has flattering bathroom lighting that suits any décor style. Vanity lighting is a priority because it affects how you start off your day. Luckily, you can ensure a flattering reflection with thoughtful lighting accessories that complement the overall vibe of the bathroom.


Whether you or a loved one needs an accessible bathroom, or you want to ensure that guests have peace of mind when visiting, Moen has the solution. Safety elements for showering and toileting, along with a range of hand grips and other safety accessories, will meet ADA requirements and provide peace of mind for the whole family.

At the same time, choosing ADA-compliant bathroom accessories doesn’t mean trading style for safety or functionality. All of Moen’s collections are designed with appearance and function in mind, meaning you don’t have to compromise on style.

Moen’s Other Product Lines

Moen goes beyond bathrooms so that you can include their products in your kitchen overhaul, too. Faucets, sinks, garbage disposals, accessories, and filtration solutions round out their offerings. Whether your project is a small upgrade or a total overhaul, there’s something for everyone.

With advanced features for both convenience and looks, Moen is a top pick for both Harkraft and its customers. The only question is how you want your new bathroom to look.