Be Kind to the Future You With These Holiday Decor Organization Tips

When most people think of the holidays, they imagine the precious time spent with family and festive celebrations. And then there are decorations. For many, decorations are a fun way to get into the spirit of the holidays – but organizing them is a common stress point. 

Pulling old boxes out of the attic, garage, or basement to put up decorations when you know you’ll just have to refill those boxes again in a few weeks or months can be a big headache for homeowners. 

Putting a new organizational system into place while you’re decorating will make putting those decorations away so much easier, and it’ll save you a ton of hassle the following year. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Target Unused Spaces

There are tons of unused spaces in most people’s homes. Many homeowners don’t do anything with the space over their refrigerators or on the ceiling of closets. These are both excellent places to install some unique storage solutions. 

The ceiling of your closets is the perfect place to install a net where you can store bigger holiday items like outdoor decorations and mini Christmas trees. It’s also a great place for plastic holiday knickknacks.

Smaller and more sensitive items need a dedicated space where they’re out of reach of children and visitors. The space above your fridge is ideal! You can install some custom shelves or cabinets where you can put your fairy lights and decorations that are more easily breakable. 

Keep Outdoor Decorations in the Garage

Some outdoor decorations are going to be too big to store in a closet or cabinet inside the home safely. Instead of stuffing them into boxes and shoving them in the corner of your garage every year, this is the perfect time to install a dedicated storage area for your bigger outdoor decorations.

One of the best options is wire shelving. These shelves are easy to clean and can hold plenty of weight, so you can safely store all of your decorations in one spot! If you put them up while you’re using your decorations, then you can easily put your decorations away in their new home at the end of the holiday season. 

Use Jewelry Boxes For Small Ornaments

One of the hardest things to keep track of during the holiday season is small Christmas tree ornaments and other tiny knickknacks that get put up around the home. A unique and indiscreet storage solution is to utilize an old jewelry box for storage.

You can put ornaments or knickknacks for different seasons into individual drawers, and you could even label the drawers to make it easier to find the appropriate decorations the following year. You’ll never have to dig through a bunch of old, dusty boxes in your attic again with this trick.

Don’t Forget About Filing Cabinets

Sometimes when we’re trying to find unique solutions to storage problems, the most obvious solutions elude us. Most holidays come with a ton of paper decorations, whether that’s paper turkeys around the Thanksgiving dinner table or large paper banners strung across doorways for Yule.

Instead of remaking these decorations every year, you can save these decorations for future celebrations with the help of a simple filing cabinet! You could even build a filing cabinet in your home office or another room if you don’t already have one.  

Organize Your Holiday Decor With Harkraft

Whether you need to install custom or wire shelving to get your home prepped for the holidays, Harkraft can help. We understand the strain homeowners are under to make the most of their storage space, and we’re devoted to helping you find applicable solutions. Contact us today to get your home organized for the holidays!