Bathroom Remodel Projects for Every Budget

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, and yet not everyone can afford to give it the look they dream of. But because the bathroom is generally a small space, remodeling it doesn’t have to be a budget-buster and there’s an idea available for everyone.

Small Budget: A Couple Thousand

If you can only afford to shell out a couple week’s salary for remodeling, it just means you have to be a little more creative. Changes like a new shower or tub probably won’t make the shortlist, but retiling or a new vanity can.

The trick here is to do a lot more research in advance and be prepared to roll up your sleeves for part of the process. You’ll also have to spend time hunting around for great-priced supplies, from the tools used in the project to the materials that’ll go in there.

mirror installation

Medium Budget: $5,000-$10,000

With a bit more money in your pocket, you open up a few more choices in how the bathroom remodel goes. It also means that shower or tub you’ve had your eye on can make it in there, as well as a new vanity.

You still won’t be able to go all-out with the materials involved, and nor will you be able to pay contractors to get the remodel done in record time, but you’re not quite as limited as to what it looks like. But if you have your heart set on either a quick project or super luxurious materials, you may have to make a compromise and go with one or the other.

Large Budget: $10,000-$20,000

With these numbers, not much won’t be a non-option. You’ll be able to afford sturdy materials for just about every part, hire a quality contractor so you can sit back and watch, and gain the luxury of time to make all choices. Another option you’ll have at your fingertips is being able to afford an interior designer so you can have a bathroom that’s styled in a contemporary way.

However, the sky’s still not the limit, and you won’t be able to tick off every box on your list. It doesn’t mean you have to say no to every shiny thing that comes your way, but you will have to be a little selective and ask yourself if the money should be spent in the bathroom, or funneled elsewhere.

Monster Budget: Anything Goes

Say you’ve won the lottery, come into an inheritance, or been on the successful side of a lawsuit, and your bathroom is in sore need of remodeling. With pretty much a blank check, you’ll be able to go the most high-end materials and most contemporary aesthetics.


But…it’s not all good news. Because you’ve got a go-anything budget to work with, you’ll have to be especially on your toes and watch out for people who want a piece of the pie. Nothing brings out the worst in people like the sniff of money, and some contractors and sellers are very good at being persuasive. Make a list of what you want ahead of time, and be firm in sticking to that. And remember, just because you’ve got the money to put anything you want in the bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

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