Bathroom Hardware Trends for 2020

The bathroom is an essential room—there’s no denying it! Making sure this room is a place that makes you happy can go a long way toward maintaining your overall health and daily satisfaction. Whether you’re planning to take your bathroom down to the studs for a total remodel in the upcoming year, or you’re craving some inspiration to freshen up your space, looking forward to the bathroom hardware trends emerging in 2020 is a fun place to start.

Return to Nature

Perhaps you’ve heard of forest bathing. It may sound like something you need to include in your bathroom plans, and it can be, but not in the way you might think. Forest bathing simply means walking in nature and experiencing the benefits of spending time in a natural setting. Studies consistently prove that people are more calm, focused, and happier when they spend time interacting with nature. Not surprisingly, incorporating natural elements into your bathroom design, including your bathroom hardware, is among the upcoming trends.

Minimal, Not Clinical

A bathroom designed with minimalism in mind doesn’t have to be cold and impersonal. This is where bathroom hardware can really do important work and warm up the space. Many people are drawn to clean lines, bright neutral colors, and lack of clutter in their bathroom—not least of which because everyone desires a bathroom that feels and seems clean. For example, sinks formed as an indentation within the slab of the vanity top are visually clean, easy to care for, and very on-trend for 2020. 

However, you should take care to keep clean from veering into cold and harsh. Consider using warm metal finishes such as copper, oil-rubbed bronze, or pewter to absorb light rather than reflect it—creating a feeling of visual coziness. 

You might also want to consider natural or organic shapes and how they can create a sense of movement in your bathroom. Shelves, towel bars, and shower enclosures can all be opportunities to explore organic shapes in your bathroom.

Warm Tones

In order to incorporate some of the benefits that exposure to nature can bring, bathroom trends in the upcoming year are leaning into, well, nature itself. Recycled tiles and floors and enclosures made of terrazzo are not going anywhere this year, and terrazzo will remain very popular in 2020. 

Luckily, terrazzo works well with almost any design element. Try to work other natural details into your bathroom design to create your own calm, focused, spa-like space. Natural stone and wood used in shelving and accessories call the mind to nature. Spa-like features in the shower or bath, such as rain shower-heads and open, spacious shower spaces suggest a feeling of expansiveness, even in a small room. 

Don’t be afraid to include actual plants in your bathroom design, too. You could go all out and add an entire living wall of easy-to-maintain leafy plants, or place potted plants of varying sizes on countertops and in larger pots on the floor. If you have the ability, enlarge a window or leave windows undressed to take advantage of the view outside.

Goodbye to More is More

While it is tempting to go wild when remodeling, it’s wise to keep a bathroom remodel somewhat down-to-earth instead of wildly trendy. People use the bathroom every day, multiple times, and hopefully you’ll emerge from the room refreshed and ready to continue your day. Next year’s trends are leaning toward less busy spaces. Crazy wallpaper is fun, and a powder room might be the place to try it, but your main bathroom might not be. 

This year, calm and soothing designs are trending, and that includes in bathrooms. High shine bathroom hardware is taking a backseat to warm, low-gloss, oil-rubbed, or brushed metals such as pewter or bronze. An added benefit is that these more muted metals are easier to keep clean!

Your Style Shines Through

Whether you’re considering updates to your bathroom, or you simply enjoy finding out what’s trending, keep in mind that what you will love to see in your bathroom day in and day out should always reflect what you find appealing and beautiful. Just because the trends say chrome is out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put chrome hardware in your new shower. You know you best! Bathroom finishes are intended to last a while, so be sure to choose finishes and accessories that you love.

Harkraft Knows Bathrooms

Trends come and go and come around again, and Harkraft is there through it all to help you make your bathroom a retreat. We can help you make your dream bathroom a reality with a wide variety of bathroom hardware, shower doorsmirrors, and bathroom accessories. Let’s start the conversation that leads to your new bathroom—contact Harkraft today.